Exported EEE reporting in the UK

Exported EEE, Comply Direct, WEEE Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, EEE, WEEE, WEEE RegulationsEEE that has been exported outside of the UK can now be deducted from WEEE producers and compliance schemes reported data.

As a result of a BIS consultation with WEEE stakeholders, the Environment Agency have made an amendment in guidance on exported EEE to lay down the circumstances where producers can deduct exported EEE from their data submissions. Continue reading

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EEE scope guidance published by EA

WEEE regulations, WEEE, Environment AgencyThe Environment Agency have announced (10 Dec) that updated guidance on EEE that falls within the scope of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013 has been published.

The new guidance comes after the old WEEE scope document was withdrawn earlier in 2014 when the 2013 WEEE regulations were implemented. Continue reading

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Separate waste collections

Separate waste collections

Separate waste collections

The amended Waste Regulations which require separate waste collections for certain recyclable materials are due to come into effect on 1 January 2015.

The regulations were amended last year to ensure that businesses in the UK are taking the appropriate measures to assist and improve the quality of materials for recycling. Continue reading

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Customer Service Excellence for Comply Direct

Customer Service Excellence, Comply Direct, Customer Service Excellence AwardWe are very proud to announce that Comply Direct have been registered as a Customer Service Excellence award holder!

Having passed assessment by the Centre of Assessment, Comply Direct’s communications and service levels were determined worthy of the Customer Service Excellence hallmark and as such have been awarded use of the logo in recognition of the achievement.

The team at Comply Direct work tirelessly to ensure that all Producer Compliance Scheme members for waste Packaging, WEEE and Batteries are supported and provided with as much agency as they are able to offer. Continue reading

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Christmas charity the flavour of compliance

Christmas Charity DonationsThe team at Comply Direct, the Skipton based Producer Compliance Scheme, charmed by the charity of the season and with a determination to always do things a better way have rallied to collect a huge festive haul for a local food bank.

Skipton Food Bank collects and distributes emergency food hampers and aid to residents in the Skipton and Craven area who have fallen upon difficult times and at Christmas, where food is at a premium, the charity’s donation wish list becomes a crucial lifeline for many. Continue reading

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Positive Q3 for Batteries

Batteries, Q3 data, Environment agency, batteries regulations, batteried producer compliance scheme, Comply DirectThe Q3 Portable Battery collection data released last week (3rd December) demonstrates the UK’s excellent progress towards the 2014 collection target and a decline in the use of lead acid batteries being used to meet it.

The data shows that 3,303 tonnes was collected in the July – September period of 2014 making that a total of 10,853 tonnes of waste batteries collected so far this year.

These figures mean that the UK is currently running at about 30%, well on its way to meeting the 2014 target of 35%.

Continue reading

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WEEE Q3 data indicates positive progress

WEEE Q3 DataThe Environment Agency WEEE Q3 data release (2 Dec) has highlighted the UK’s positive progress towards meeting the overall WEEE collection target for 2014 despite concerns over a Large Domestic Appliances (LDA) shortfall.

The WEEE Q3 data, which outlines the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) collection rates from January – September 2014, has revealed that a total of 362,912 tonnes of WEEE has been collected in the first three quarters of 2014.

Continue reading

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Black Friday: Remember to recycle

black fridayPlanning to replace some of your everyday electrical items in the famous Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? Wondering what to do with your old electronic and electrical equipment? We’ve got all the answers.

If you haven’t heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday – you might want to get clued up fast. Both are days of super sales which originated in the US and occur on the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving. Continue reading

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WRAP launch new trade-in scheme for consumers

WRAPA new recycling initiative set to save consumers millions has been launched by WRAP, an independent not-for-profit UK organisation which works with businesses, individuals and communities to achieve a circular economy.

The Electrical and Electronic Sustainability Action Plan (ESAP) has been launched in a bid to ensure that the electronics industry becomes more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Continue reading

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WEEE collections with Comply Direct

WEEE CollectionGet a WEEE collection today – Comply Direct can organise convenient WEEE collections on your behalf.

You don’t have to be a Comply Direct compliance member to arrange WEEE collections with us – We can arrange WEEE collections on behalf of any WEEE producers who need to meet their WEEE distributor obligations. Continue reading

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