Plastic recycling tonnages revised

Packaging Recycling Data, Envrionment Agency, PRNs, Glass recycling, plastic recycling, Comply DirectPlastic packaging recycling tonnages for Q1 and Q2 of 2014 have been revised in the National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD).

Data released on 22 July implied strong performances in the first two quarters of 2014 for Plastic packaging recycling and suggested that its success would soon be reflected in decreasing prices of the Plastic PRN. However, tonnages have since been revised by the government to meet national recycling trends with a reduction of 9k for Q1 and 27k for Q2. Continue reading

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WEEE Regulations amendments

WEEE Regulations, WEEE Recast, WEEEAs a result of the EU WEEE Recast, the UK government announced a number of amendments to the WEEE Regulations which took effect from 1 January 2014.

The amended regulations were hastily rolled out between the consultation close in August and the effect date in January 2014 so the amended 2013 Regulations were published by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) with some minor drafting errors.

Please be aware that the 2013 WEEE Regulations draft document has now received a number of corrections as recommended by the parliamentary Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments. Continue reading

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Climate Resilience: are businesses ready for it

IPCC Report on Climate Change, climate resilienceCan climate resilience be achieved by businesses if they are just observing current fluctuations and not acting on them?

UK businesses, environmental sector operatives and the general public have all have observed how rainstorms are intensifying in the UK. Continue reading

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WEEE dual use definitions update

WEEE Dual UseThe BIS have confirmed that amendments to the guidance on the interpretation of “WEEE from private households” will most likely come into effect at the start of 2015.

Views on this have been sought by today (11 July) and are likely to see the guidance amended so that all new electronic items are regarded as B2C – unless the producer of the item can present proof that due to its design and purpose, it is unlikely to become household waste. Continue reading

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Lead acid battery collections decline

Lead Acid Battery CollectionsQ1 battery data released last month (June) has indicated a fall in the amount of lead acid batteries being used to satisfy recycling targets.

Data released by the Environment Agency in April this year suggested that the waste battery collection target had been exceeded by an inexplicably high number of lead acid batteries collected. Continue reading

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WEEE B2C definitions to have BIS clarification

WEEE compliance with the UK WEEE regulations. Comply DirectProposals put forward by the BIS on 17 June acknowledge WEEE producer confusion caused by differing interpretations of ‘Household WEEE’.

The definition given by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) contradicts the definition proposed by the EU commission and has sparked confusion over some EEE e.g. desktop PC’s as to whether they fall under the business to consumer (B2C or ‘Household WEEE’) or business to business (B2B or ‘Non-Household WEEE’) category. Continue reading

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WEEE collection Q1 figures released

WEEE collection, WEEE recycling, WEEE, WEEE compliance, WEEE compliance scheme, WEEE Regulations, Environment Agency, Comply Direct, www.complydirect.comDespite WEEE collection shortfalls in quantities of large domestic appliances (LDA) Q1 2014 figures following implementation of the new WEEE regulations in January are encouraging.

The Environment Agency data release confirms WEEE collection rates for January, February and March of 2014. Continue reading

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CRC Annual Report Publication Consultation

CRC energy efficiency schemeThe Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Annual Report Publication (ARP) enters a consultation period this June 2014 – by Baishakhi Sengupta

The Annual Report Publication (ARP) format was first introduced in November 2013 for the 2012 to 2013 reporting year following replacement of the CRC Performance League Table.  Continue reading

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70% Recycling Target for EU Members

European Union, Packaging compliance, recycling, recycling target, EUThe European Commission plans for a 70% recycling target by 2030 and a landfill ban on recyclable waste from 2025 looks probable as increased targets are set to be proposed to The European Parliament later this month.

The proposals, which are currently still in the draft stage, incorporate details of the measures expected to be included in the EU’s much anticipated circular economy package. Continue reading

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PRN inconsistencies end at EA guidance changes

Environment Agency logo, image credit, PRN, Packaging regulations, packaging compliance scheme

Environment Agency logo, image credit

Environment Agency guidance changes are a step towards ending PRN export inconsistencies and could establish fairness between domestic recyclers and exporters of recyclable materials.

Environment Agency guidance now outlines how reprocessors and exporters can make certain that they are accredited to comply with their legal obligations imposed by the packaging waste regulations. Continue reading

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