WEEE compliance fee criteria outlined by BIS

WEEE collection target, Comply Direct, WEEE Regulations, Producer compliance scheme, BIS, WEEE complianceThe Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has invited producer compliance schemes to submit methodologies for calculating WEEE compliance fees.

The revised WEEE regulations came into force on 1st January 2014 and proposed that in order to create an integrated system Producer Compliance Schemes will be issued with tailored annual targets for WEEE collection.

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Packaging Regulations and PRNs under review

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Defra logo, image credit: envirocareuk.co.uk

It could be all change for the Packaging Regulations as Defra outline proposed amendments to producer company exemptions and the PRN system.

At the open conference of the Advisory Committee on Packaging in London yesterday (15 April) delegates looked on as Sarah Wooler, Defra packaging specialist, outlined how the department are looking to lessen the burden of packaging regulations on smaller businesses as part of Defra’s review of producer responsibility measures. Continue reading

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Sustainable font helps Ryman’s green ambitions

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Ryman stationers, image credit: 192.com

Ryman have created Ryman Eco: a new sustainable font that aims to save 6.5 million tonnes of C02 emissions a year!

The initiative was born from Ryman’s partnership with creative agency Grey London and is said to use a third less ink and toner than the standard fonts used by many, such as; Times New Roman and Arial, and 27 percent less than the leading “sustainable font’’. Continue reading

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Packaging Regulations changes on the horizon confirms Defra

Red tapePackaging waste regulations in the UK are due a makeover as part of the Government’s commitment to reducing the administrative impact of environmental legislation on companies.

Defra have confirmed in the Defra Better for Business discussion paper (April 2014) that as a part of the Red Tape Challenge initiative and David Cameron’s commitment to ‘slash environmental regulations’ more SMEs will be included on the list of exemptions from the Producer Responsibility Packaging Waste Regulations. Continue reading

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UK exceeds portable battery recycling target for 2013

Portable BatteriesData released by The Environment Agency has indicated that the portable battery collection requirements were exceeded in the UK in 2013 with a large number of lead acid batteries being collected. 

The EU Batteries Directive target for the recycling of portable batteries, which was set at 30%, was exceeded with reports showing that in 2013, 11,800 tonnes of waste portable batteries were handled in treatment centres across the UK and caused the collection rate to rise to 32.37%. Continue reading

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End use of PRN costs revealed by Environment Agency

PRN Values for 2013Around two-thirds of the £111.5m generated from the PRN/PERN system last year was used for funding collections and reducing secondary material prices.

UK businesses are obligated by the packaging waste regulations to reprocess a government directed percentage of their packaging waste and must purchase PRNs as evidence of their recycling and it is these costs which are encouraged to re-enter the UK waste system as further development funded by the PRN system. Continue reading

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16% of those responsible for energy are unaware of energy spend

Green Energy SourcesAn exclusive study conducted by Edie and Sustainable Business has revealed that 16% of those responsible for energy management are unaware of their businesses energy spend.

The report, Energy Managers: Procurement, planning and Purchasing Priorities 2014/14, was publicised on Tuesday and revealed the findings of a survey taken by 406 individuals who are regarded as responsible for energy management within their organisation. Continue reading

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The Environment Agency are making a move

Environment Agency logo, image credit www.bbc.co.uk/berkshire/

Environment Agency logo, image credit www.bbc.co.uk/berkshire/

The Environment Agency is closing down their website in the coming days and relocating to www.gov.uk/environment-agency.

The move is in conjunction with The Red Tape challenge, an initiative which strives to make the ‘burden of regulation’ easier for businesses by cutting regulations such as those surrounding the WEEE Regulations, Packaging Waste Regulations and Waste Batteries Regulations. Continue reading

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Global temperatures will rocket if nothing is done warns IPCC

IPCC Report on Climate ChangeGlobal temperatures are likely to rise by 1.5 to 4.5 0C until 2100 according to yesterday’s IPCC report. Scientists who authored the report are urging for reduced CO2 emissions to limit the effect on climate change.

Released yesterday (31.04.2013), the International Panel on Climate Change’s report focuses upon the effects of climate change upon people and the planet and has proposed devastating effects for the future if action isn’t taken immediately. Continue reading

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Amazing Spider-Man 2 sets stage for silver screen sustainability

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, image credit: www.blastoutyourstereo.com

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, image credit: www.blastoutyourstereo.com

With great power comes great responsibility: the next Spidey installment, due for UK cinema release in April, has been dubbed the most ‘sustainable production’ in the history of Sony Pictures.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ has also partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to raise climate change awareness at the launch of the environmental group’s Earth Hour 2014 campaign in Singapore, pushing the production’s sustainable reputation further. Continue reading

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