Positive Q3 2014 Packaging Data Published

Environment Agency logo, image credit www.bbc.co.uk/berkshire/

Environment Agency logo, image credit www.bbc.co.uk/berkshire/

The provisional Q3 packaging data has been published today (22nd Oct 2014) by the Environment Agency revealing a positive Q3 for the UK.

The figures for July – September 2014, which are now available on the National Packaging Waste Database, are very positive and will be very much welcomed by 2014 obligated packaging producers.

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WEEE B2C definitions clarified by BIS

WEEE Regulations, WEEE Recast, WEEEThe Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) have reviewed their interpretation of the definition of WEEE from private households (B2C) and yesterday (October 16th) concluded that guidance will now include the ‘dual use’ concept.

WEEE producer confusion over the definition came earlier this year after the publication of a European Commission FAQ document which aimed to interpret changes to the WEEE system in the aftermath of the WEEE recast

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ESOS: Your compliance options

ESOSBy now, it’s likely that you will have come across the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and determined whether your organisation will need to be compliant. 

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is a mechanism to help reduce the energy costs within your organisation and although compliance is mandatory for undertakings with over 250 employees in the UK or undertakings that have a turnover of over £40 million and a balance sheet of £34 million, there is more than one compliance option available to you. Continue reading

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Ecompter carbon management for hotels

Ecompter, carbon management, sustainable hotels, ecompter hotels, www.ecompter.co.uk, hotel sustainabilityComply Direct are excited to announce the launch of Ecompter – the UK’s first Carbon Management software designed specifically for use by hotels.

Ecompter, the brainchild of Finnish software developers and the new carbon management service to be provided by Comply Direct, is an application developed for the hotel industry by hoteliers which can assist hotel managers and other industry professionals to meet their green objectives. Continue reading

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WEEE Q2 data shows positive results

WEEE collection target, Comply Direct, WEEE Regulations, Producer compliance scheme, EA, WEEE complianceData released last month (1st September) by the Environment Agency (EA) has revealed that the UK is almost half way towards meeting the WEEE collection target.

The data, which presents collection rates from January to June 2014, shows that the total volume of WEEE collected in the first quarter (January-March) of 2014 was 112,503. This increased in the second quarter (April-June) a total 120,088 of tonnes collected. Continue reading

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Pledge4Plastics campaign

Pledge4Plastics, Comply Direct, www.complydirect.com, plastic recycling, recycle plastic


Pledge4Plastics is a government backed national initiative developed with the aim of boosting the collection and recycling of plastic packaging within the UK.

The campaign, launched 8th September, is a new initiative that endeavours to encourage households to recycle an extra plastic bottle per household each week.

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Recycling target concerns over England progress

packaging, recycling targets, EU recycling targetsStatistics published by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) last week (25th September) have sparked concern over the progress that England is making towards meeting the EU recycling target of 50% by 2020.

Defra’s summary of waste statistics from the 2010 – 2012 period has highlighted England’s slow progress towards satisfying the 2020 recycling target with only a minor increase from 2011’s recycling rate of 42.9% to 43.9% in 2012.

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Plastic packaging recycling estimations amended

Packaging compliance scheme, Plastic packaging recycling, Packaging recycling targets, WRAP, DEFRA, producer compliance scheme the Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairsDefra amend Plastic packaging recycling estimations after study reveals ‘better than expected’ results.

A study commissioned by The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to reassess the amount of Plastic Packaging placed on the market in 2013 has proven that the UK remains consistent in working towards EU plastic packaging recycling targets. Continue reading

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Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme penalties

ESOS, Energy Savings Opportunity SchemeThe Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) will carry with its reporting mandate some hefty penalties for non-compliance.

General media reports have so far provided a wide spectrum of information ESOS but after surveying a number of incumbent organisations it has become apparent to Comply Direct that few are aware of the penalties involved in the new Mandatory Energy Audit scheme.

Comply Direct’s carbon and energy manager, Baishakhi Sengupta explores… Continue reading

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Split PRN target proposed by BPF

Packaging compliance scheme, split PRN targets, PRNs, PRN targets, packaging regulations, Packaging Recover Note, BPF, British Plastics FederationThe British Plastics Federation (BPF) last week (19 August) released an outline in their 2014 manifesto for a split PRN target which could radicalise the PRN system in the UK.

The Recycling Group of the BPF suggested a proposal for the reform of the PRN system where different PRN targets would be established for plastic packaging recycled in the UK and that exported overseas. Continue reading

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