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Key Takeaways from the Circular Economy Festival 2022

8th December 2022 by Charlotte Davies

Resource Efficiency Consultant, Charlotte Davies, highlights the key takeaways from the CIWM's Circular Economy Festival

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Compostable, biodegradable and degradable materials? Decoding these common terms…

29th November 2022 by Charlotte Davies

Resource Efficiency Consultant, Charlotte Davies, unpicks what compostable, or biodegradable actually mean?

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The problems and solutions to Black Friday

29th November 2022 by Emily Baker

How does this popular pre-Christmas shopping extravaganza impact the environment and what can we do to change it!

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War on Food Waste: Comply Direct member, Waitrose, removes best before dates from a range of products!

17th August 2022 by Charlotte Davies

From September, Waitrose will have removed the best before dates from a range of 500 fresh food products!

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Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI): Monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of land-based greenhouse removal – Phase 1

5th August 2022 by Sean Coleman

The SBRI brings together government challenges and ideas from businesses to create innovative solutions.

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Carbon offsetting in the aquatic environment

29th July 2022 by Chris Smith (AssocMCIWM)

The ocean is the ecosystem most impacted by climate change, however, solutions are possible to secure a living ocean for a healthy global climate.

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The worlds first ever net zero transatlantic flight – what to expect!

27th May 2022 by Emily Baker

The announcement took place on 14 May 2022, as part of the government’s commitment to drive forward the sustainable aviation fuel industry

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The Queen's Speech and the Energy Security Bill

23rd May 2022 by Emily Baker

The Energy Security Bill, announced in the Queen’s Speech, will form an essential component of the government’s programme for establishing large-scale low-carbon industrial clusters.

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