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UK commit to reduce its Carbon Emissions by 78% by 2035

20th May 2021 by Emily Baker

On 20 April, Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed, and has agreed, to legislate a new target to reduce national emissions by 78% by 2035, in efforts to ensure we achieve our long-term commitment to be net-zero by 2050.

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‘Champagne’ carbon capture through the oceans

14th May 2021 by Emily Baker

The SeaCURE project, is adapting an approach around the concept of capturing the CO2 bubbles in a fizzy drink.

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Looking toward a Net Zero future - Energy

26th April 2021 by Liz Wood (MIEMA, CEnv, PhD)

Since the UK Government aims to achieve Net Zero Emissions was set in June 2019, the term has become increasingly mainstream, with many organisations also pledging to meet the goal

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DEFRA release 2 highly anticipated packaging consultations on EPR & DRS

24th March 2021

Today (24 March 2021), two of the three expected packaging consultations as part of the government’s UK Resources and Waste Strategy have been released

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Fee Modulation - Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging - 5 minute video summary

23rd March 2021

Our Policy Leader Martin Hyde provides a quick video overview of packaging modulated fees

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The Future of Packaging Waste in the UK - Joining the Legislative Dots - free webinar - Tues 13 April

19th March 2021

The next set of packaging consultations as part of the government's UK Resource and Waste Strategy are expected imminently

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Consultation launch: Waste Prevention Programme for England

18th March 2021

Today (18 March 2021), and aptly on World Recycling Day, DEFRA has published a consultation on a new waste reduction plan for England

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UK Plastic Packaging Tax - 1 year to Implementation - free webinar - Thu 29 April

16th March 2021

With just under a year to go until implementation, it is key that affected businesses are preparing now.

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