Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsets are a useful tool for businesses as part of a Measure, Target, Reduce, Offset pathway. Comply Direct sells Verified Carbon Standard Offsets to help businesses achieve their carbon goals


What is a carbon offset?

carbon offset is a reduction in GHG emissions, or an increase in carbon storage (e.g. through planting of trees), to counteract emissions that occur elsewhere.

Offsetting is a mechanism for compensating for the carbon released by an organisation or product through the prevention of release of, reduction in, or removal of, an equivalent amount of GHG emissions in a project which is outside of the organisation.

Carbon offsets can be a useful tool for businesses as part of a Measure, Target, Reduce, Offset pathway. Whilst organisations work to reduce their footprint, they can use carbon offsets as a means to take responsibility for their residual emissions by purchasing one carbon offset for every tonne of residual carbon dioxide emissions.

Carbon offsets can also deliver additional positive environmental and social impacts.

What is carbon neutral?

To become carbon neutral, in simple terms, an organisation must follow the Measure, Target, Reduce, Offset journey; make a measurement of their carbon footprint, look to reduce this, and offset any residual emissions. Offsets can be through avoiding or reducing emissions in projects outside of that organisation.

Carbon neutrality is different to net zero, where organisations must ensure long term capture of carbon. The reason net zero is largely unachievable currently is because long term carbon capture solutions are still to be proven and made broadly available.

Carbon neutral programs play an important role in the transition toward net zero, by enabling organisations to take responsibility for the emissions they are producing today, whilst they look to make internal reductions.

Why buy Verified Carbon Standard Offsets?

Comply Direct only sell Verified Carbon Standard Offsets. The verified carbon standard was developed by the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), The Climate Group (TCG), the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the World Economic Forum, governed by the VCS Steering Committee.

Project developers must demonstrate that the reductions in emissions or avoidance of emissions have occurred because of the project, with any claims audited and verified. When an organisation offsets, the offsets are retired on a public registry.

What are the benefits of carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting allows organisations to take responsibility for the emissions they are producing now, while they look to make reductions. Climate change is increasingly important to customers, investors and employees who are looking to businesses to behave responsibly. Carbon offsetting can be used as a tool to encourage action; whilst we look at technological and long-term carbon capture solutions, carbon offsets offer an opportunity for business to make a difference now.

On a wider level, the carbon offset market is an important tool to mobilise finance, especially from the private sector, for emissions reduction and avoidance projects which would otherwise not happen.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, carbon offsetting projects often result in additional sustainable development benefits to communities. Many of our projects can be aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in terms of social benefit they provide.

Our projects

All Comply Direct offsets are VCS offsets. These are from a range of global projects with a variety of biodiversity, social and renewable technology benefits (protecting the rainforest, providing access to safe and clean cooking facilities, and providing clean power through wind generation). As part of the Measure, Target, Reduce, Offset pathway, these VCS offsets would allow you to claim carbon neutrality in line with the PAS 2060 standard. We also have the added benefit of planting UK trees alongside the offsets we sell, which will provide a great narrative for customers, investors and employees.

Click here to view our carbon offsets brochure detailing our specific projects

Benefits of working with Comply Direct

  • We only sell verified carbon standard units which have been independently verified.
  • We offer offsets from a range of projects allowing you to support a range of environmental, social and biodiversity benefits linked directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We offer UK tree planting as part of our offset package.
  • Support and guidance, a helpful and friendly service.
  • Team of experts with experience in producing carbon footprints and SECR submissions for organisations in a range of sectors.
  • Provision of a certificate of offsetting.
  • Option for further help with reducing your emissions and continued reporting

Contact us

If your business needs to offset carbon emissions and wants to support some important environmental and social global projects, please get in touch with our carbon experts for a quote - you can email or call 01756 794 951