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Corporate Social Responsibility & Brand Reputation (CSR)

CSR goes beyond just compliance with regulations, to capture the spirit of the law and ethical standards. Adhering to the requirements of producer responsibility legislation is one step to building your brand and Comply Direct enables companies who are obligated under environmental legislation to have the peace of mind that their brand is protected and their legal obligation will be met.


Comply Direct are an invaluable partner for our compliance with the Packaging Waste Regulations; timely communications & first-rate webinars keep us informed on regulatory and PRN market developments

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We can offer support to your business in developing your CSR policy and brand reputation with a range of services, from consultancy to develop your CSR strategy, to providing wording for your website to show adherence to environmental legislation. For packaging, batteries and WEEE producer members, this wording can be downloaded from your online member area and is a great way to show your compliance and environmental credentials to your customers. 

On a broader level, our team of internal experts can provide Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) consultancy to help your business achieve improvements in each area and build an ESG proposition. Click here to read more about what ESG is and what we can offer. 

Are you obligated for Weee Compliance?

If you manufacture, import, rebrand or sell electrical equipment direct to end users in the UK from overseas, then it is likely that you will be obligated for WEEE compliance. Click here to find out more and take our simple WEEE Compliance assessment.

Top FAQs

Here are a few popular questions asked about Batteries, Packaging and WEEE Compliance, as well as the producer responsibility legislation. For more FAQ's on each compliance area click the links below.

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Packaging Compliance

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