Deposit Return Scheme England

New Regulation Launch

A Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for drinks containers (bottles and cans) is expected to be introduced in England from 2022

What is it and when will it take effect?

  • Deposit placed on drink containers at point of retail sale in England and Wales
  • Deposit can be reclaimed by consumer upon return of empty container
  • Likely to have impact on littering reduction and theoretical waste value chain benefits
  • Cost implications concerning – majority of cost benefit relies on “Disamenity of Litter”
  • Disamenity makes up £986m a year of benefits £1098m theorised benefit.
  • Planned for introduction from 2022

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Our Policy Leader Martin Hyde provides a quick video summary of what a deposit return scheme is, what the current standing is on these in the UK and also the potential impacts of a deposit return scheme on businesses.