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Packaging EPR Consultation

Consultations/Regulation Review

As part of the Resources and Waste Strategy released in late 2018, the UK government has committed to work towards the objectives of the EU’s Circular Economy Package and to reform the Producer Responsibility system for packaging waste

Producer Responsibility is the concept of businesses that place packaging on the UK market making a contribution towards the cost of recycling and disposal of this material. Extended Producer Responsibility introduces a further obligation for the business placing material on the market to pay the full net costs of the collection, sorting, recycling and disposal of packaging waste.

The government response to the first packaging EPR consultation, which closed in May 2019, is available HERE

The second round of packaging consultations for EPR was delayed until 2021. 

On Monday 24 March 2021 the second consultation on EPR for Packaging and Packaging Waste was released. This consultation is focused upon government’s proposals for introduction of an EPR, which is a further requirement on the current producer responsibility system, to obligate businesses placing material on the market to pay the full net costs of the collection, sorting, recycling and disposal of packaging waste. The consultation will run for a 10-week period, instead of the 12 weeks expected, closing on 4 June 2021.

You can view full consultation details and respond to government on the following link:

This is likely to be the last opportunity to formally feedback to government on a range of changes that will have significant implications for the future of waste management and recycling in the UK.

Summary videos of key proposals

Five minute support videos for packaging producers summarising each key section of the EPR consultation are available to watch HERE

Support documents

Obligation decision trees - We have created some handy flowcharts to help producers determine what obligations their packaging might have under the suggested EPR changes from 2023. These flowcharts help simplify where packaging waste management costs will likely apply to both empty and filled packaging. Click HERE to view this document. 

The new Regulations are expected to launch in 2023, meaning that 2022 will be the last year of the current PRN system.

  • Producers will pay the full costs of disposal of packaging waste associated with their products
  • De Minimis and point of compliance to change (single point of compliance)
  • EPR extends beyond partial participation into full financial ownership of the environmental impact of products
  • Secondary consultation due in early 2021, regulation change due for 2023
  • Modulated fees mandatory under the Circular Economy Package

Compliance costs under the new EPR regulations could increase significantly and the modulation of fees will make the environmental performance of packaging impact its compliance cost. Packaging that is not considered 'widely recyclable' is more likely to have increased costs.

Comply Direct will support members and help you understand the impact of EPR on your business to ensure you are ready for EPR and modulated fees  - please get in touch to find out more.

To find out more about this consultation, contact our Policy Team on 01756 706577 or email at consultation@complydirect.com