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Packaging EPR Regulations Published

Consultations/Regulation Review

Estimated date for the Packaging EPR Regulations wording being published

The reform of the Packaging (PRN) Regulations is part of wider changes to implement Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging in the UK. This will include ensuring that full net cost recovery for packaging waste is funded by producers, and that the costs paid are proportional to the environmental attributes of packaging placed on the market

We expect to see the regulations published in the early half of 2022.

The new Regulations are expected to come into force in 2023, meaning that 2022 will be the last year of the current PRN system.

  • Producers will pay the full costs of disposal of packaging waste associated with their products
  • De Minimis and point of compliance to change (single point of compliance)
  • EPR extends beyond partial participation into full financial ownership of the environmental impact of products
  • Secondary consultation due in early 2021, regulation change due for 2023
  • Fee Modulation mandatory under the Circular Economy Package

Compliance costs under the new EPR regulations could increase significantly and the modulation of fees will make the environmental performance of packaging impact its compliance cost. Packaging that is not considered 'widely recyclable' is more likely to have increased costs.

Comply Direct will support members and help you understand the impact of EPR on your business to ensure you are ready for EPR and modulated fees  - please get in touch to find out more.

To find out more about this legislation, contact our Policy Team on 01756 706577 or email at consultation@complydirect.com