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Single use plastic ban/limit in Wales & Scotland

New Regulation Launch

Businesses in Wales and Scotland will be banned from providing specified single-use plastic items to consumers from Autumn 2021

Wales will put a ban on 9 different items considered to be single use plastics. The list is composed of those considered most likely to contribute to ocean pollution and is relatively aligned with the EU single use plastics ban. The ban will start in Autumn 2021 and is focused on consumer focused items.

The items include:

  • Plastic stemmed cotton buds
  • Cutlery – Including knives, forks, spoons, sporks and chopsticks
  • Plates – Including trays, platters, bowls and laminated paper plates
  • Beverage stirrers
  • Straws
  • Sticks for balloons
  • Food containers made of expanded polystyrene
  • Cups made of expanded polystyrene
  • Oxo degradable products – These are chemically designed to break down into micro plastics faster than traditional polymers

In Scotland, plastic stemmed cotton buds are already banned but they will also put a ban on the rest of the items as listed above from Autumn 2021. 

To find out more about this regulation launch, please contact our Policy Team on 01756 706577 or email at consultation@complydirect.com