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UK Environmental Bill Follow-up

New Regulation Launch

On 15 October 2019, the government announced their much-anticipated Environment Bill in Parliament 

We are now due more information and a follow up early in 2021.

The Bill includes actions to be implemented to improve air and water quality, crack down on plastic pollution and restore habitats in order for wildlife and plants flourish.

It will also produce legally binding-environmental targets and a new independent Office for Environmental Protection. This office will be based in Bristol, whose purpose will be to scrutinise environmental policy and law, examine complaints and take action against public bodies where needed.

The office’s authority jurisdiction will cover all climate change legislation and hold government to account on its pledge to reach a net of zero emissions by 2050.

The Bill will introduce measures to make sure producers take responsibility for the waste they create and develop a consistent approach to recycling. For example, implementing a nation-wide bottle return scheme.

The aim of this Bill is to reduce waste in the long term and create motivation for the reuse of material, aiding the movement towards a more circular economy.

Fresh methods on dealing with waste crime and the prosecution of littering will also be considered.

The government has faith that placing charges to some single-use products will help to reduce plastic pollution.

Despite it only applying to England, more than half of the Bill’s measures are designed to apply across the UK with the consent of devolved administrations.

It puts the 25-Year Environment Plan on a statutory footing, meaning it will eventually be written into an Act of Parliament.

To find out more about the Environment Bill, please contact our Policy Team on 01756 706577 or email at consultation@complydirect.com