WEEE Collections

Comply Direct can offer a simple, hassle-free and cost-effective 
WEEE collection service for any WEEE producer,
even if you're not a compliance member!





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WEEE Collections

Comply Direct work with a UK wide network of recycling and treatment facilities and waste pick-up services to ensure that you receive the most efficient service for the lowest prices. Quite often we are also able to deliver you rebates on your collected WEEE.

Request a WEEE collection today 

Arranging a WEEE Collection

Comply Direct WEEE collections are simple, hassle-free, cost-effective and are a safe route for disposal of WEEE.

To arrange a WEEE collection, click here and a Comply Direct representative will come back to you with a quote or rebate offer.

We ensure that any waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected, treated and accounted for with required documentation at your convenience. 

Our WEEE collection service is fully compliant under the WEEE Regulations 2013 as all relevant duty of care paper work as required by law is provided and carried out and we can collect all categories of WEEE including hazardous waste.

For hazardous waste we can ensure correct treatment, as well as offering advice to your business on how to store it safely. We also offer collections and combined collections for batteries and other waste, such as paper, should you wish to consolidate your waste collections into single pick-ups.

Comply Direct provide quick quotes and quick collections as well as tailored solutions for customers with specific need, e.g. multiple pallets or in-situ containers.

We have been with Comply Direct since the beginning and have never looked back! The whole package from Comply Direct has been consistently good.

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A National Service

Our national service is carbon conscious and wherever possible we will endeavour to use local services to you to reduce the carbon footprint of your WEEE and our service.

The service is reliable and trusted and any sensitive data held on your WEEE will be destroyed with certificates of destruction provided.

Our dedicated WEEE collection Account Manager is your single point of contact and they are trained to offer you advice on all elements of waste recycling and compliance.

Comply Direct work with reprocessing facilities to break down and recycle your WEEE:

  • Collection and processing of all business WEEE
  • Processing of municipal WEEE
  • Data wiping of computers
  • Refurbishment of suitable WEEE
  • Disintegration to base materials
  • Re-marketing of sorted base materials
  • Re-marketing of suitable IT equipment

WEEE Distributor Obligations

Comply Direct can provide WEEE collection services to companies who need to meet their WEEE distributor obligations and serves as an alternative to joining a Distributor Take-Back scheme, offering greater convenience and control over the collection, re-use, recycling and certified reprocessing of your old IT equipment.

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