EPR Discovery Session

Our Discovery Session will enable you to determine your liability under EPR, as well as provide solutions for data gathering and ongoing management.


Our EPR Discovery Session is designed to determine how EPR will affect your business, detailing how you will be obligated and what you will need to do know to prepare.

New legislation brings much uncertainty and we understand that many businesses do not know what support they need to, prepare, achieve maximum benefit and return on investment. So, our Discovery Session is the solution to this quandary! 

Our in-house EPR experts will deliver the following as part of the Discovery Session:

  • Policy introduction & overview – Review the existing packaging regulations and PRN system, to explain how these packaging regulations will be reformed to transition to a system of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging compliance.
  • Assess likely obligation within the reformed regulations – Assessment of your business’ packaging streams to determine likely obligations in EPR and the reformed packaging compliance regulations.
  • Discuss new data reporting requirements for 2023 and beyond – To ensure your business is complying correctly and the optimal systems are being utilised to collect and submit this data.
  • Early assessment of financial impact to your business – Discuss the overarching compliance system-wide financial changes expected with the reform of packaging regulations, and pinpoint where your company may see higher or lower costs compared to the existing regulations. Explore the packaging types used in your business and their recyclability to give early indications of how EPR fee modulation may impact your business.
  • Follow up report – Detailing likely obligations and requirements within the reformed regulations specific to your company. Recommendations for actions to take forward with useful resources included.

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