Sustainability Integrated Database (SID)

Comply Direct is focused upon guiding producers through the transition to EPR and other new environmental legislation seamlessly. To do this, we have developed and launched SID; designed to effectively prepare producers for the complexity of reporting under EPR, plastic packaging tax and more...


Sustainability Integrated Database (or SID for short - fondly named by the Comply Direct team) is an online data analysis portal enabling intelligent data upload, storage, editing, filtering and bespoke outputs, essential to prepare for the complexity of reporting under Extended Producer Responsibility and Plastic Packaging Tax

The current functionality of SID is listed below, however, we are actively working on developing new features for adding to the system, which will deliver further benefits informed by customer needs.

SID Functionality 2022 - Launch Phase 1

  • Access to downloadable packaging data templates designed to capture information required for upcoming EPR reporting, in line with the latest DEFRA guidance
  • Automated data validation checks to highlight errors in data uploaded and maintain the integrity of the database
  • Downloadable reports outlining components flagged for review
  • View, edit, sort, filter and extract component level data for your company online
  • Ability to generate graphs and charts to display visual summaries of data held in the system
  • Support documents to assist with using the features of SID, including guidance on populating and uploading data into the online database

SID Benefits

  • Enables bulk upload of multiple products in one data sheet
  • View advanced outputs about your packaging and in visual chart formats (eg. percentages of recyclable and compostable packaging) to identify areas for improvement to ultimately mitigate EPR costs
  • Capture recycled content data to support with plastic packaging tax returns and reporting
  • SID is situated within Comply Direct's existing member login area, so current members can manage all data and environmental compliance documentation in one location. However, companies who are not current Comply Direct members can also sign-up and take advantage of SID without joining Comply Direct as a member, and will simply be provided with a new login account to access the platform.  
  • Easy to use, simple to navigate and cost effective system which will be continually developed to handle all environmental data requirements, beyond packaging only

Request a free SID demo

If you'd like to see SID in action and find out pricing to gain full access, please get in touch with our solutions team to request a free demo - email or call 01756 794 951