EPR Services - How we can help you prepare


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Comply Direct provide a consultancy service to:

  • Identify how your business can best prepare to minimise EPR impacts
  • Help you gather and capture the granular data EPR requires

Why you need to prepare...

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a system whereby the full costs associated with the environmental disposal of a product (or packaging) are met by the business placing that product (or packaging) on the market. Read more about the 'what' and 'why' of EPR here.

This means a significant change to the existing packaging regulations and Comply Direct are here to support your business to successfully prepare for the new requirements within a UK wide Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging Waste, commencing post-2023 (estimated). 

The introduction of modulated fees aims to adjust the price of compliance, based on the specific environmental performance of packaging. Low fee rates will apply to packaging with a positive contribution to scheme outcomes / targets, whilst higher fees will apply to packaging that does not positively contribute. This suggests that certain packaging materials will pay significantly higher costs than what we have seen in the previous system, as more detail on packaging type, format and material usage will be required. A project run by charity; WRAP (Waste & Resource Action Programme) is currently reviewing the modulation methodology.

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