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WEEE Compliance 78 days Batteries Compliance 78 days

Key Dates


Below are some key dates for Batteries, WEEE and Packaging compliance. The dates include the various data submission deadlines for each service, as well as any additional dates such as membership fees deadlines and verification files deadlines

The dates below can be filtered by both service and date, in order to ensure that you can see the most appropriate dates for your company

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Packaging Compliance, PRN Procurement

Packaging - 2021 Q3 Official Recycling Data Release

Date for the third quarters recycling data to be released by the Environment Agency. The data is often available before, however this is the official publication date.

Packaging Compliance

Packaging - 2022 Membership Fee

During December, the membership fees for packaging compliance will be raised for all of Comply Direct's members. This includes both the Comply Direct membership fee and the Environment Agency registration fee.

Batteries Compliance

Batteries - 2021 Q4 Data Submission

Deadline for quarter 4 Batteries data to be submitted through the Comply Direct website.

WEEE Compliance

WEEE - 2021 Q4 Data Submission

Deadline for quarter 4 WEEE data to be submitted to the Comply Direct website.

Packaging Compliance, PRN Procurement

Packaging - End of 2021 Compliance Year

This is the final day to purchase and accept packaging PRNs for use in the 2021 compliance year. After this date, the Environment Agency confirm whether you have been compliant for 2021. Packaging compliance certificates will be available shortly after this date.