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2016 WEEE collection targets

26th February 2016

Gareth Roberts

New proposed 2016 targets outlined on the 24th February will mean that WEEE Compliance schemes will be required to increase the rate at which electrical waste is collected for recycling.

An increase in target is expected across all materials. This is despite the fact that some materials collection targets were not met for 2015.

The proposed overall UK WEEE collection target for 2016 is 528,687 tonnes. This is around 16,000 tonnes higher than the total amount of household WEEE collected and recorded as evidence on the Settlement Center in 2015. 

The BIS have stated that the 2016 target is below the amount necessary to satisfy the EU's target for the year (around 730,000) tonnes. However, the difference between the Member State target and that collected and financed by producers will come from"substantiated estimates" of WEEE arising and treated from other sources, notably LDA that appears in the light iron waste stream. 

The overall target and the collection levels necessary to achieve the UK Member State target of 730,450 for 2016 are below.


How this is calculated

These targets are calculated based on the average annual growth in tonnes of WEEE collected for each category since 2011. Use of 5 year trend data mitigates the effect of outliers in the data, with the subsequent figure reflective of the general trend in collection volumes over the last five years. 

In some cases, manual adjustments have been made where the previous growth trend is not judged to be reflective of current market dynamics, however, the BIS have stated that the number of manual adjustments has been kept to a minimum for simplicity and clarity.

Categories Affected

Category 5: Lighting- This category saw tonnage recorded for the first time in 2013 as a result of LED lamp sources appearing as waste. Following the precedent set in 2014 the minimal tonnage of 0.7 tonnes reported in 2015 is added to the Category 13 target. 

Category 11: Display- The digital switchover and the continuing light-weighting of the display equipment appearing as waste caused a decline in tonnage since 2011.

As the effect of the digital switchover diminishes, we expect that this tonnage decline will continue but will eventually slow and stabilise. 

It has been assumed that the rate of decline will be the same as last year (10%). Consequently, the target will be set at 67,564 for 2016 compared to collections of 75,071 in 2015.

Category 13: Lamps- 2015 saw a further substantial increase in reported collections of lamps by Producer Compliance Schemes (PCSs) following the changes to the "dual use" interpretation announced in October 2014. This resulted in a significant volume of collections previously reported as non-household being reported as household WEEE in 2014 and 2015. 

Now that market share information is available which accurately reflects producers share of the market for all "dual use" lamps (household and those previously considered non-household) it is appropriate to set a target which reflects how total obligated lamp waste has changed over time. Adding together B2B and B2C waste, and taking the 5 year average growth rate of that total gives 5% over 2011-2015, and results in a combined target 5764.8 tonnes.

There have been complications with non-obligated lamp collections. To balance the controversy it has been decided that some of the non obligated tonnage has been included, but not all when reaching the target for 2016. Roughly half of the 1,534 tonnes of non obligated collections in 2015 will be added to the target calculated above based on historic B2B and B2C collections, giving a final target for 2016 of 6,500 tonnes.

Category 14: PV Panels- As 2015 was the first year in which the PV panel collections were introduced, a growth trend cannot be determined. We have set a 2016 target for PV panels of 43 tonnes which is in line with the total tonnage of PV panels that was reported by PCSs in 2015. 

If you require assistance with a WEEE collection or WEEE compliance please contact do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our WEEE experts.



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