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2016 WEEE compliance fee proposal guidance

4th August 2016

Emily Rice

2016 WEEE Compliance Fee Proposal Guidance

The WEEE Compliance fee is an alternative mechanism for producer compliance schemes to meet their WEEE member’s household WEEE obligation.

The mechanism was introduced as part of the WEEE recast and the fee first existed 2 years ago in 2014.

The system was introduced to ensure producers did not over pay for the recycling which was taking place. This was considered a flaw in the previous WEEE household recycling system which required 100% of UK WEEE recycled to be funded by household WEEE producers. Comply Direct will always make every effort to meet its WEEE obligation without using the compliance fee.

Defra calls for 2016 WEEE Compliance fee proposals

The process used for setting the WEEE compliance fee level, managing the fee and distributing funds changes every year. Defra has set a deadline of 30 September 2016 for interested parties to deliver proposals for a potential fee methodology for the 2016 compliance period.

The secretary of state takes a decision every year as to whether a fee should be available for use or not. Should Defra decide to use a WEEE Compliance fee for the 2016 compliance period, the secretary of state will in turn approve a methodology to determine a fee. This will be announced mid-February 2017 which Defra claims will allow schemes time to pay it in line with the compliance deadline of 31 March.

For Defra’s guidance on submitting proposals for a WEEE Compliance Fee Methodology click the link below. We would encourage our members to read and understand this documentation, if you do have any questions or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager.