2017 household WEEE collection target proposals

2nd March 2017

Emily Rice

DEFRA have announced draft proposals for the household WEEE Collection targets for 2017, and are inviting comments on the proposals which will effect large household EEE producers.

The proposed overall UK collections target for 2017 is 633,643 tonnes, which is lower than the collection level needed to meet the UK member state target for 2017 of 775,862 tonnes. However, the difference is expected to be met through 'substantiated estimates' which accounts for WEEE arising and being treated through sources other than via a producer compliance scheme.

The table below shows 2016 UK targets, 2017 Proposed UK targets and 2016 Household WEEE Collected for all 14 household WEEE categories and Small Mixed WEEE (Categories 2-10).

How are these figures reached?

  • The average annual growth in WEEE collected figures are used to determine the targets, using the average over the last 5 years, however, there are several exemptions listed below: 
  • Category 3 IT & Telecoms Equipment: The introduction of the concept of "dual use" in 2015 meant that there has been an increase in the amount of waste Category 3 household equipment declared in 2015 and 2016, as a result only the last years of data have been used, rather than the standard 5 years of data.
  • Category 11 - Display Equipment: The weight of display equipment has reduced over recent years, moving to lighter flat screen equipment. The rate of this decline has been slowing and the EA believe the trend has "bottomed out". Therefore, the 2016 returns rate has been applied to estimate 2017 collections which will reflect this more recent deceleration of collections decline.
  • Category 13 - Lamps & LED's - This category was also majorly effected by dual use changes and has seen an increase in the weight of waste lamps declared as household EEE since 2015. DEFRA have stated that it would therefore not be appropriate to use 5 years of data but have arrived at the proposed figure by forecasting the EEE that will be placed on the market in this category in 2017 and applying the 2016 collections rate
  • Category 14 - Photovoltaic Panels - The 2017 target in the proposal has been reduced from 2016 to account for the decline in the number of PV panels being installed and the impact this will have on collections.

How do I comment on the proposal?

If you are a large household EEE producer, we would like to hear from you with your views on the DEFRA proposals. In order to comment, please respond to us at Comply Direct by emailing weee@complydirect.com by 12pm on Thursday 9 March, where we will collate your views and respond to DEFRA. Alternatively, you can respond directly to the government by emailing weee@bis.gsi.gov.uk by 12pm on Friday 10 March.

If you have any questions about the above proposals or would like to learn more information, please get in touch with us at weee@complydirect.com.