2018 Q1 WEEE Data Released

1st June 2018

Faye Perry

Downward trend visible in 2017 WEEE collections continues into 2018

The Environment Agency has today (1 June) released Q1 data showing a reduction in both WEEE collected (12%) and EEE placed on the market (7%) compared to Q1 2017. Overall tonnage of WEEE collected fell by 16,015 tonnes with the difference from 2017 by category and performance against the 2018 Q1 target as below. Monitoring and Control (category 9) shows the only increase, albeit a small 2 tonnes.

2018 is slightly ahead in terms of performance against collection targets compared to this same period last year (22.48% compared to 21.98%), partly helped by the lower targets in 2018 (see our news story here). Historic data shows that the quantity of WEEE collected tends to increase over the course of a year – it is, therefore, too early to tell whether the UK will be on track to meet these reduced targets.

Environment Agency (EA) Note Data Discrepancies

The EA have noted that this data is subject to revision due to the identification of a number of discrepancies surrounding the reporting of household WEEE collected from different sources and the total collected tonnage reported. The discrepancies appear to relate to differences in reporting by compliance schemes of WEEE collected and by AATFs/ AEs of WEEE delivered for treatment.  

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the latest data further, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our WEEE team at weee@complydirect.com