2018 Q2 WEEE Data Released

10th September 2018

Faye Perry

2018 WEEE Collected Remains Behind Target

Data released by the Environment Agency shows that the tonnage of WEEE collected between April and June this year is still behind the target. The overall tonnage of WEEE collected fell by 3,056 tonnes with the difference from 2017 Q2 by category and performance against the 2018 Q2 targets as below.



Small Household Appliances (category 2) shows a 7% increase compared to 2017, whilst Monitoring and Control (category 9) and Automatic Dispensers (category 10) show only marginal increases. Category 14 remains well behind its target at only 4% - this can be explained by the significant target increase of 76% compared to 2017. On the whole, however, Q2 figures are more positive than Q1 with only a 2% reduction on 2017 compared to the 12% reduction seen in Q1.

Despite the continued fall, 2018 is still slightly ahead in terms of overall performance against collection targets compared to the same period last year (24.35% compared to 21.52%), partly helped by the lower targets in 2018 (85,000 tonnes fewer in 2018 than 2017).

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