44% reduction in bag use since 2006

31st August 2010

Melanie Harper

There has been a 44% reduction in plastic bag use since 2006

WRAP has published a detailed report based on the Voluntary Carrier Bag Agreement reviewing the usage of carrier bags, for the full report details please click here. The agreement involves the following retailers: Asda, Co-operative, Marks + Spencer, Sainsburys, Somerfield, Tesco and Waitrose who had an aim to reach a 50% reduction in single-use carrier bags by spring 2009.

Since 2006 the UK retailers have seen a 44% decrease in the use of bags, narrowly missing the target. However in May 2010 there was a 5% increase in the number of bags that was given out by retailers compared to 2009. This has not had too much affect as the average still shows a 45% reduction on 2006.

Experts in the industry have applauded the efforts of the volunteering retailers and consumers for making these huge reductions.