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Showing all news articles written by Melanie Harper

Introduction to the Packaging Regulations Webclinic

18th February 2015 by Melanie Harper

Get in touch to find out more about any future WebClinic's.

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Portable Battery Definition Consultation

9th February 2015 by Melanie Harper

The long-awaited decision to update the portable battery definition has finally been made!

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PRN Market Uncertainty could cost producers in 2015

20th January 2015 by Melanie Harper

The growing volatility of plastics could have an affect on the PRN Market, read more here.

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Uncertainty in the PRN market

19th January 2015 by Melanie Harper

Falling oil prices have lead to concerns in the PRN market regarding recycled plastic polymers

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End of waste tool launched by EA

22nd December 2014 by Melanie Harper

The EA has launched a free tool 'IsItWaste' to help businesses become more resource efficient

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Universal Cycles fined £47,534

8th November 2010 by Melanie Harper

Universal Cycles fined £47,534 for not complying with the packaging waste regulations

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First WEEE producer prosecution

9th September 2010 by Melanie Harper

The first producer to be prosecuted for failing to meet its obligation under the WEEE Regulations

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44% reduction in bag use since 2006

31st August 2010 by Melanie Harper

There has been a 44% reduction in plastic bag usage since 2006

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