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Showing all news articles written by Gareth Roberts

Government publish responses to packaging consultations

25th July 2019 by Gareth Roberts

On 23 July, a summary of responses received to the 4 packaging related consultations were published

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Packaging Waste Blog - The Ins & Outs

29th January 2019 by Gareth Roberts

Our packaging waste blog aims to cover the latest developments around the UK packaging legislation

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Post Brexit - environmental legislation & future trading blog

7th January 2019 by Gareth Roberts

Legislation & business post-Brexit. Our MD Gareth Roberts discusses...

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Climate Change - Final Warning Call

9th October 2018 by Gareth Roberts

Scientists issue final warning due to planet's risk of overheating if we don't take drastic action

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Formal Review into Packaging Recycling System Announced

9th March 2018 by Gareth Roberts

The National Audit Office are set to review the current packaging recycling system

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Plastic PRN price hike

19th June 2017 by Gareth Roberts

Plastic PRN price hike - prices are still heading upwards

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Q4 2016 Packaging Data and Carry Over Data into 2017

3rd March 2017 by Gareth Roberts

Q4 Unverified Recycling Data Released showing strong signs for the majority of materials

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Q2 provisional packaging recycling data released

22nd July 2016 by Gareth Roberts

Provisional Q2 packaging recycling data was released today, 22 July 2016, find out more here

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