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New version of agreed positions and technical interpretations- producer responsibility for packaging

25th January 2016 by Emily Rice

New Version of Agreed Positions and Technical Interpretations- producer responsibility for packaging

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Plastic and Glass Packaging Targets Consultation

26th November 2015 by Melanie Harper

Defra have today published a consultation on changes to the Plastic and Glass packaging

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Black Friday: Make it a little greener!

26th November 2015 by Melanie Harper

This Black Friday, we’re looking to make things a little greener by reminding to recycle.

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Bonfire Night: Keep it green!

5th November 2015 by Wayne Grant

We’re not the type to spoil the fun, but we are keen that, this Bonfire Night, you stay green!

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Employee of the quarter (Q2)

22nd October 2015 by Jessica Aldersley

As we near the end of each quarter, staff at Comply Direct vote for their Employee of the quarter

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Producer responsibility regimes consultation response

22nd October 2015 by Wayne Grant

The producer responsibility regimes consultation sought to amend Batteries and Packaging guidance.

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Q3 packaging recycling data released Oct 2015

22nd October 2015 by Melanie Harper

Provisional Q3 packaging recycling data was released today, 22nd October 2015, find out more here!

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Enforcement undertaking offer form update

5th October 2015 by Cherry Whittaker

The EU offer form allows companies remediate environmental damage they have caused, read more here!

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