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Earth day 2016, Paris climate change agreement & playing your part

22nd April 2016 by Melanie Harper

find out about earth day 2016, how you can get involved & the paris climate change agreement signing

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BIS responsibilities for WEEE & Batteries transfer to Defra

29th March 2016 by Melanie Harper

The Environmental Regulation team will transfer from the BIS to Defra starting 1 April 2016.

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Budget 2016: Climate change & the environment

17th March 2016 by Melanie Harper

Budget 2016: CRC energy efficiency scheme abolished & an increase in climate change levys from 2019.

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Brexit – a choice between security and opportunity for our environmental future

7th March 2016 by Cherry Whittaker

We provide an insight into the arguments for and against Brexit from an environmental perspective.

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Biscuit producer Bahlsen LLP makes donation for packaging non-compliance

4th March 2016 by Melanie Harper

A multinational biscuit producer has contributed almost £40,000 for packaging non compliance

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2016 WEEE collection targets

26th February 2016 by Gareth Roberts

24 Feburary 2016: New collection targets proposed across all categories of WEEE.

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Changes to premises registration and the consignment note number format

15th February 2016 by Emily Rice

1st April 2016 will bring change for all registered EA hazardous waste producers.

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2015 End of year (Q4) Packaging recycling data released

12th February 2016 by Ash Clay

provisional 2015 Q4 packaging recycled data has been released by the EA with encouraging results

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