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a christmas catastrophe - santa hit by packaging waste regulations

20th December 2013

Santa Claus could face the unthinkable after claims that he and the Elves have not been complying with the UK Packaging Waste Regulations and could be forced into a Christmas shutdown! The anonymous claims report that non-compliance has occurred since the UK Packaging Waste Regulations were implemented back in 1997, since which Santa has placed billions of gift wrapped presents on the UK market on Christmas Day each year. The much loved face of the festive season who heads up the Lapland workshop, could potentially be obligated as a packaging producer under the Regulations.

Such a severe case of non-compliance has never been experienced in the UK, with potentially tens of thousands of tonnes of packaging having been delivered since 1997. Christmas Wrapping paper alone could count for a huge percentage of the tonnage and should the claims be proved true then Santa might face Civil Sanctions and, due to the hefty fines involved in cases of high scale non-compliance, could cause production at the Lapland workshop to cease - effectively cancelling Christmas!

Mr Claus, Managing Director of the Lapland workshop, said: “A fine this scale could put a stop to Christmas! Parents and children from the UK have been sending their Christmas wishes to us, unsure if their presents will arrive come Christmas morn’. Here in the workshop, we need clarity on the legislation as I have been simply unaware until now. The Elves are flat out and we barely have time to look into the case: we need help!” “I can only hope that the spirit of Christmas will soften the hearts of those in authority so I can continue to shake my belly like a big bowl of jelly and still to bring the gift of joy to the world.” added Saint Nick.

In the spirit of Christmas, packaging compliance scheme Comply Direct got on the case and provided Mr Claus and Elves with complimentary advice on this matter. It turns out that parents and children alike can relax; Christmas may not be cancelled after all!

Joe Penford a Environmental Data Analyst at Comply Direct who assisted Santa in his hour of need said: “There’s no cause for concern this Christmas; I spoke to Mr Claus this morning and clarified his situation. It is clear to me that the Lapland workshop - operating as ‘Christmas Presents 4 U’ - has no legal presence in the UK and no actual financial turnover and so does not meet the more than the £2m turnover threshold and, therefore, has no obligation under the UK Packaging Waste Regulations - Christmas can carry on as normal.”

Comply Direct's other Environmental Data Analyst, James Dobing, added: “I am honoured that Comply Direct have been able to advise Mr Claus and put the minds of so many at rest. Santa can now continue preparations for this very special holiday and we can continue to help any company facing a similar situation. I have to admit that I am slightly jealous as I did not get to speak to the big man himself. Joe is one of the lucky few and may even get an extra present from Santa under the tree on Christmas morning.” “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!” insisted Father Christmas.

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