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Almost half UK population 'not recycled a battery'

20th December 2010

Batteries study

YouGov a research and consulting organisation have carried out a study on the behalf of a UK batteries compliance scheme with findings including that 49% of the UK population have never recycled a waste battery and a shocking 29% saying they didn't know batteries could be recycled.

The study proves that there is a lack of public knowledge around the disposable of waste batteries and where they can be taken for recycling with 45% of those who had never recycled a battery stating they would not know where to take them for them to be recycled.

Encouraging finding's show that it isn't a reluctance to recycle as from those who had never recycled a battery, just 2% said it was because they didn't have time to do so and 8% said they couldn't be bothered.

You will agree the above statistics highlight the concern of whether the 25% collection target set by the EU Batteries Directive for 2012 will be met unless considerable effort is spent on raising awareness to the public.