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Comply Direct celebrate International Day of Happiness

20th March 2018

Melanie Harper

March 20 has been established as the International Day of Happiness (#InternationalDayOfHappiness) and is a global celebration across all 193 United Nations member states which calls for happiness to be given a greater priority. This fits in very well with Comply Direct's ethos and we were determined to celebrate this day with all staff.

Comply Directs’ Health and Wellbeing programme has now been running for nearly a year, and we have arranged activities, celebrations and incentives that cover all aspects of wellbeing during this time.  We saw the concept of International Day of Happiness and were inspired by it; ‘recognising happiness as a “fundamental human goal” and calling for “a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes the happiness and well-being of all peoples’ (http://www.dayofhappiness.net/about/). We felt it was the perfect opportunity for us to get all staff involved, and have a really fun day whilst enhancing the social, emotional and psychological well-being of our employees.




Staff were asked to share what made them happy prior to the day, and we then incorporated as much of this into the day as possible.  Sunshine makes some people happy and as we couldn’t arrange this in advance (although it shine today!), everyone wore bright colours and received a bunch of daffodils as a representation of sunshine.  It seems food plays a big part in being happy for a lot of our staff, so we started the day with breakfast butties for breakfast.  These were followed by pizza for lunch, and delicious homemade cake and chocolate brownies for dessert.  Our health and wellbeing programme has had elements of healthy nutrition advice, and the food consumed on the day clearly fell outside of the advice given on this front, however, we believe it’s all about balance, and you have to allow yourself the things you enjoy once in a while.

The bookworms amongst us had a book swapping session, and staff received regular communications throughout the day outlining the ten keys to happier living as defined by Action for Happiness. All staff were given time to go and do some exercise of their choice, with some going for a walk on the beautiful estate we work on.



The day was organised by our HR and Operations Manager Jessica Aldersley who also heads up our Health and Wellbeing Programme. Jessica commented:

"Everyone really enjoyed the day, and there was a real positive, happy buzz around the office.  Feedback from the team included the following; ‘International Happiness day was amazing, thank you!’, ‘Thanks for arranging today, it was so thoughtful and created a really good buzz in the office, it seemed to be really appreciated by everyone. Thank you, we really do work in an amazing place.’, ‘Thank you for organising such a lovely day 😊. I am saving all of these tips for the times when I need to be more positive about life!!’. We will definitely be celebrating again next year!"


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