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Comply Direct champion reusable cups!

12th April 2018

Cherry Whittaker

In line with the Government's aim to tackle the UK's "throwaway" culture and reduce the amount of plastic in circulation as part of the 25-Year Environment Plan, we have taken a small step to show our support 

The aim of our new, branded Comply Direct reusable cups is to encourage our staff, customers, prospects and suppliers alike to reduce their use of throwaway coffee cups and drinks bottles, by using and re-using our cups. These are suitable for both hot and cold drinks, supplied complete with a reusable straw plus a drinking hole for hot drinks; catering for all beverage preferences!

All Comply Direct staff have been provided with a cup to use as they please and the initial response was very much positive. Working within the environmental industry makes you more aware than most of the harmful effects single-use plastic items are having on the environment and oceans. Therefore, the full team are completely on-board with supporting the aim to reduce their use of throwaway items. 

In addition, we have started to personally distribute the cups to our customers, prospects and suppliers during meetings with them, and will be continuing to do so going forward. Comply Direct cups will soon be on desks and in cars all over the UK! Externally, the cups have also generated a great response; everybody loves to receive a free cup!

Here are our GREEN cups in all their glory (see what we did there?!)


Our GREEN cups are also proudly manufactured in the UK and can be fully recycled when they come to their end of their life.

If you like the idea of our reusable cups, why not jump on-board to support the cause and get your own! If you need recommendations for a supplier to produce your own company branded cups like ours, email marketing@complydirect.com and we will point you in the right direction.