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Comply Direct & EWRG launch WEEE recycling initiative with North Yorkshire primary schools

25th May 2021

Cherry Whittaker

Local school WEEE recycling competition - the results are in!

Posted: 25 May 2021

Collectively, across just over a 2-week period, the schools gathered an impressive 1.1 tonnes of electrical and battery waste, including IT equipment and household electricals, which will all be recycled and will have 100% diversion from landfill. Electrical Waste Recycling Group (EWRG) collected the waste from each school for recycling at their authorised treatment facility site in Huddersfield. 

The school who collected the most waste electricals and batteries was Gargrave School and they have won a brilliant prize for their efforts; firstly, a selection of scholastic toys kindly donated by one of Comply Direct’s customers, educational toys and gifts supplier Brainstorm. In addition, the winning school has opportunity to take their pupils to visit EWRG’s recycling facility in Huddersfield to see what happens to their waste electricals once collected.

We will be gathering feedback from stakeholders to determine the full impact of this project trial and determine further action around expanding this community recycling work, so watch this space!

WEEE container on site at Carleton Endowed Church Of England Primary School

Comply Direct & EWRG launch WEEE recycling initiative with North Yorkshire primary schools

Posted: 12 April 2021

Today (12 April 2021) marks the launch date of a 2-week electrical waste recycling competition across 7 North Yorkshire primary schools, organised by Comply Direct in collaboration with Electrical Waste Recycling Group, a government approved and authorised WEEE recycling facility, also based in Yorkshire

In light of the ongoing electrical waste recycling challenges in the UK, with the majority of waste electrical goods still ending up in landfill and the fact that per person, the UK creates the second highest levels of electronic waste in the world, we want to educate the upcoming generation from an early age on the importance of WEEE recycling, as well as their families, whilst helping to boost WEEE recycling levels in the area, both initially and hopefully going forward long-term.

The aim of the WEEE recycling competition is for the pupils, parents/families/carers and staff from each school to bring in their old or unwanted household items for recycling over the next 2 weeks and place them in specialised containers provided and installed by EWRG. There will be one for WEEE and a separate container for waste batteries; prior to the project launching we worked with the schools involved to educate and provide resources about the WEEE recycling process, including why batteries from their electrical waste goods must be stored separately before being collected for recycling. Following the end of the 2-week competition period, EWRG will then collect the containers from each school for recycling at their authorised treatment facility site in Huddersfield.

EWRG are one of our trusted recycling partners who we work with to collect, treat and recycle our customers’ electrical waste from all across the UK; we are thrilled to have their support and be working with them on this exciting project in the North Yorkshire area.

The school who collects the most WEEE and waste batteries wins prizes for their school; firstly, a prize donated by our WEEE, packaging and batteries compliance customer, educational toys and gifts supplier Brainstorm, who are also based locally over the border in Lancashire. In addition, the winning school will have the opportunity for pupils to visit EWRG’s WEEE recycling facility in Huddersfield to see what happens to their WEEE once collected.

Watch this space to find out the total amount of WEEE and waste batteries the schools collect for recycling, as well as the lucky winning school who gathers the most waste which we will be communicating in due course!

Thank you to all the primary schools taking part in the competition – Settle Primary, Embsay Primary, Gargrave Primary, Carleton Endowed Primary, Greatwood Primary, Christchurch C of E Primary and Sutton-in-Craven C of E.

Following this initial trial, our long-term aim for the initiative is to expand our target area, opening up the scheme to more schools and communities, and look to make this an ongoing project in order to considerably boost electrical waste recycling in the area and make a lasting difference. Any further activity will be decided upon once we have had opportunity to assess the results and overall impacts of this trial.

For any queries regarding this initiative, please contact us on marketing@complydirect.com