Comply Direct's introduction to the Circular Economy

27th May 2016

Cherry Whittaker

As the Circular Economy is proving to be a hot topic of conversation for businesses right now, the time is right to introduce the Circular Economy from the view of Comply Direct. 

Here we take a look at the life of waste and how the Circular Economy plays its part.

The historic method for dealing with waste and production is a linear method where products are manufactured, used and then disposed of, by landfill or incineration. This method is incredibly unsustainable, however has been ingrained into our society for many years due to its convenience. With certain commodities becoming increasingly scarce, driving prices upwards, it is both environmentally and economically important to re-evaluate waste and production methods.

The Circular Economy relies on a closed system in which the amounts of waste output and raw material input are minimised and we keep resources in use for as long as possible.

circular economy



By Re-Inventing, Re-Thinking and Re-Defining how we create and use products, we can help to minimise the waste produced and create a much more sustainable economic system benefiting all involved parties whilst reducing environmental impact.

WRAP (The Waste and Resources Action Programme) have an outlined three major projected changes in the waste industry between 2010 and 2020:

  • 30 million tonne decrease indirect waste input
  • 20% less waste produced
  • 20 million tonnes more recycling

On the subject of circular economy, WRAP has stated that its introduction will; reduce waste, drive greater resource productivity, and deliver a more competitive UK economy. Positioning us so we are more prepared to address potential resource security issues whilst minimising our environmental impact.

Can you help?


Industrial businesses can source raw materials from renewable and sustainable means. By using recycled / recyclable materials and renewable energy sources at the production stage, waste can be minimised creating demand for an efficient material loop, leading to lowered material prices and promoting a Circular Economy.


Businesses can consider where their materials come from and what waste is produced by their products, as well as how reusable / recyclable it is. By informing customers of how and where they can recycle, distributors can boost recycling levels.


As consumers we need to be aware of what waste we produce from the products we purchase, as well as how we can optimise recycling and reusability.

How can Comply Direct help?

As a producer compliance scheme Comply Direct has a registered interest in the environment. Our services help cater towards a Circular Economy.

Packaging Compliance

By helping businesses fulfill their obligations under the packaging waste regulations, we support the further development of the recycling industry as well as keeping our customers informed as to how they can operate in a more efficient way which produces less waste and reduces cost. We also help members to meet their CIO (Consumer Information Obligation) to educate their customers as to how and where they can recycle waste packaging. For more information on Packaging Compliance click here

WEEE and Batteries Compliance

By assisting companies to comply to the WEEE Directive and waste batteries legislation, we support the responsible recycling and Disposal of WEEE and Batteries at end of life, promoting sustainable methods to extend material “lifetime”. We also offer a WEEE Collections service, allowing customers to conveniently dispose of waste electricals in a responsible manner. For more information on WEEE Compliance click here and for Batteries Compliance click here


We help our customers to ensure that they comply to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme where appropriate, whilst directing them towards making sustainable changes to their businesses utilising renewable energy and minimising waste.

We also offer a Zero Waste to Landfill service and can assist businesses in gaining ISO 14001 accreditation.

Click here for more information on our sustainability services

For more information on the Circular Economy and how we can help, please do not hesitate to contact Comply Direct.