Consultation on single-use plastics

15th March 2018

Phillip Hammond MP has announced his intention to release a fund of £20 million to invest in innovation to reduce single-use plastic waste. The fund will be used by universities and businesses alike to minimalise avoidable plastic waste

This announcement was followed by the release of a consultation into the potential to “tackle the plastics problem” using Taxes or Charges. The consultation covers various trends surrounding single-use plastics, their associated issues and the role of a potential tax or charged based system in minimising their environmental impact.

The results of this consultation could help to shape future waste and producer responsibility legislation in the UK as well as charges and taxes associated with packaging placed on the UK market. With the recent developments in the media regarding plastics, and the increasing drive towards responsible resource management, it is important we assist the government to be as well informed as possible when reviewing legislative changes. 

The consultation is split into each stage of the plastics life-cycle, from production through to waste treatment.

At Comply Direct we are intending to respond to the consultation (which closes on 18 of May) and would encourage anyone whom has the capacity to respond to the consultation, to do so. Should you have any evidence or feedback you would like to be returned as part of the consultation then please do not hesitate to fill in our survey:

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If you would like any advice on the content of each question or assistance completing the consultation then please feel free to contact or or call 01756 706 577

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