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customer service excellence for comply direct

10th December 2014

We are very proud to announce that Comply Direct have been registered as a Customer Service Excellence award holder! Having passed assessment by the Centre of Assessment, Comply Direct's communications and service levels were determined worthy of the Customer Service Excellence hallmark and as such have been awarded use of the logo in recognition of the achievement. The team at Comply Direct work tirelessly to ensure that all Producer Compliance Scheme members for waste Packaging, WEEE and Batteries are supported and provided with as much agency as they are able to offer.

The road to Customer Service Excellence

Comply Direct are frequently praised by customers and scheme members for the team's attention to detail, personal attentiveness and perception. HR and Operations Manager for Comply Direct, Jessica Aldersley, led the Producer Compliance Scheme's bid towards achieving the Customer Service Excellence hallmark and has worked tirelessly to ensure that the quality customer service already provided by the

Comply Direct team has been formalised and written into the daily processes and job description of each team member. Comply Direct staff undergo quarterly professional development support meetings where customer service training is prioritised as well as individual growth to ensure that the team is well motivated and supported by the business which in turn has encouraged the natural high levels of customer service offered to customers and members by the team.


Comply Direct have been awarded use of the logo and will now proudly incorporate this achievement into the brand and ethos of the company. The Customer Service Excellence assessment report can be made available to all customers, scheme members and suppliers who request it and Comply Direct are more than happy to engage in dialogue with any business partners to support them if they take the decision to work towards the Hallmark.

For more information please email Jessica Aldersley jessica@complydirect.com.

To visit the Centre for Assessment's website please click here.