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Cutting Red Tape Review on the waste sector

24th July 2015

Melanie Harper

Defra have launched (16 July) a call for evidence for a Cutting Red Tape Review on the waste sector. This review is seeking to identify unnecessary barriers to growth and productivity in the waste sector and it will look at the impact of regulations across the waste industry from production and processing to collection, disposal and treatment.

Cutting Red Tape Review of the Waste Sector

The Cutting Red Tape Reviews, which will be carried out across five different sectors, follow on from the Red Tape Challenge and Focus on Enforcement initiatives and are part of the Government’s drive to save businesses £10 billion through deregulation and cutting red tape. The review is being led by Defra in conjunction with the Cabinet Office and the Better Regulation Executive in BIS. Specific areas to be covered in the review are:

  • compliance checks
  • visits and inspections
  • data collection and requests
  • requirements to make formal applications or provide information to obtain necessary permits and licences
  • proportionality of regulation
  • consultation by regulators
  • clarity of guidance and advice
  • assessment of impact of activities on growth.

Waste produced by householders will not fall under this scope.

Call for evidence

As part of the cutting red tape review, Defra have issued a call for evidence on the impact of regulations across the waste industry.

Defra will be looking for businesses to submit evidence regarding the effect on and the costs incurred by small companies of regulation, compliance and enforcement and the impact of particular legislation. The review will also a focus on the impact of EU regulations, the effectiveness of regulatory market mechanisms, and data reporting and how useful this is.

For any further information regarding the cutting red tape review or any waste regulations, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our waste experts.

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