Data Released for 2016 WEEE Collection Targets

3rd March 2017

Emily Rice

The Environment Agency has published data for WEEE Collections Targets in 2016. The data shows that the targets have been met and that there has been significant growth in collections of around 11% from 2015.

The total WEEE collections for 2016 was 581,415 tonnes compared to 544,342 tonnes in 2015.

Lamps which are identified in Category 13, have failed to meet its target by 11%, although there was a significant increase in the tonnes collected from 2015, an increase which is likely to be a result of the concept of 'dual use' bedding in. A number of the Small Mixed WEEE (SMW) categories also failed to meet their targets which is of concern. Both the facts that the lamps and SMW have failed to meet their targets, means that some Compliance Schemes will need to use the compliance fee to meet their member's compliance for 2016. A number of categories far exceed their targets, in particular Category 1 which performed very well in 2016 meeting 114% of its target and category 12 which met 108% of its targets, and so this has supported a case for higher targets in 2017.

The data collated by the Environment Agency is used to set the 2017 targets, which the targets have been proposed for 2017 with an invitation for feedback by 10 March 2017.  We reported on this last week and asked for your input, click here to read the full story.

If you have any questions about the WEEE Targets, please email