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EDOC now administered by Defra

22nd December 2014

Cherry Whittaker

The Environment Agency (EA) have confirmed that regulation of Waste Transfer Note (WTN) tool Electronic Duty of Care (Edoc) has transferred to Defra, the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the NI Assembly. The change in ownership of the Electronic Duty of Care (edoc) system, an electronic tool which enables the simple creation and storage of WTNs online, could be a step towards the system being made mandatory for UK businesses.

UK businesses are required to accept the responsibility of their waste and maintain records of where their waste has come from and where it will end up. Waste Transfer Notes (WTNs) must subsequently be produced by businesses in order to prove that waste has been disposed of or removed from their premises.


Edoc was introduced as part of the waste guidance consultation in January 2014 to offer businesses a simpler method and greater flexibility over the types of documentation used to declare units of environmentally disposed waste. Edoc offers a simple way of recording the transfer of business waste to other organisations by enabling businesses to create, share, review, edit, sign and store WTNs electronically in a secure and easy to use system.

Benefits of Edoc

Edoc can communicate with existing systems to ensure an accessible and easy to use platform which contains all necessary information about a companies waste and waste transfer history. The system allows businesses to record individual waste transfers, upload multiple records, track their waste and to easily pull records and a variety of reports on their transfers. Email reminders from the system will help businesses to ensure that they are on top of reviewing, editing and signing transfer notes. The system is free to use and provides businesses with a secure online storage system which will help to cut down time spent on admin, cut down on paper, save on storage space and ultimately save money. And not only is the system beneficial to businesses, it is also useful for the waste industry, as users of the system will be helping to create a more comprehensive picture of the UK’s business waste than ever before.


The Chartered Institute for Waste Management , who were involved in the development of Edoc, avidly support the online system and highlighted in July this year that the UK government have seriously considered making Edoc mandatory. Chief Executive at CIWM, Steve Lee stated: “We have been supporters of Edoc throughout its entire development and continue to support the system, not only by using it ourselves but also by actively encouraging other businesses to adopt it." “Since CIWM started using the new system in January this year, we have taken to weighing the amount of waste we produce each week. As a result, we are now monitoring and analysing our waste much more closely.” “If mandatory, Edoc could provide us with much more accurate data on the waste that is being produced and help UK businesses, the waste industry and UK governments to adopt, promote and support better waste and resource management in the future.’’

As the transfer of ownership from the EA over to Defra could be a the first step towards making the system mandatory for UK businesses, Comply Direct suggest that all compliance members familiarise themselves with Edoc. Please see here for more information about Edoc.

If you would like any further information about managing your waste, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Comply Direct waste team.