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First draft of proposed 2018 household WEEE collection targets

2nd March 2018

Emily Rice

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have released the first draft of the proposed household WEEE collection targets for 2018. Every year in March, DEFRA invites views from the industry in regards to the household WEEE collection targets ahead of finalising them by 31 March 2018. Any comments need to be provided to DEFRA by 5pm on 9 March 2018 and can be done via Comply Direct (via phone or email by 5pm on 8 March 2018) or direct to DEFRA WEEE@defra.gsi.gov.uk.

The household WEEE collection levels for 2017 fell short against their targets in all but one category so with this in mind the proposed 2018 targets are lower than those set for 2017. The total proposed 2018 household WEEE collections target is 532,818 tonnes, this is a reduction from the 2017 target of 621,990.

The total WEEE collected as reported by compliance schemes in 2017 is 522,901, 16% below the target of 621,990. The UK will still meet the EU UK target when substantiated estimates are taken into consideration.

The 2018 target is proposed to be split out by category as below. Please note that obligations in categories 2-10 do not have to be met by individual category but rather as a combined total.


For each category the 2018 targets have been calculated using on the average growth in WEEE tonnes collected since 2013. In some instances, there has been a manual intervention in setting the target.


  • Category 5 – Lighting – LED lamps are declared in Category 13 now and so there is no target associated with category 5.
  • Category 11 – Display – The weight of displays has been in decline over the years and it is expected this trend will continue so this is reflected in the reduced proposed target.
  • Category 12 – Cooling – The placed on market data for this category in 2017 showed a decline of 3% from 2016. This same reduction in placed on market data and return rate from 2017 has been applied to propose a 1% increase on 2017 collection levels for the 2018 target.
  • Category 13 – Gas Discharge Lamps and LED Light Sources – A 3-year trend (rather than a 5-year trend) has been used to calculate the proposed target. This is to account for the change in the definition of household WEEE since 2013. The tonnage proposal for 2018 is 2% lower than the actual collected tonnage in 2017 this is to reflect the trend of a move away from fluorescent tubes to LEDs which have a significantly longer life and so will ultimately see a reduction in the waste generated in this category.
  • Category 14PV Panels – Data of expected returns has been used to propose the 2018 target for Category 14.

The overall collection target for the UK is 768,121 tonnes with the difference between this and the target of 532,815 tonnes being made up by substantiated estimates. Substantiated estimates are estimates of WEEE arising outside the household WEEE system, namely the light iron waste stream.

If you have any questions about this please contact us and we would be happy to help.