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Free Circular Economy Webinar - Thu 16 Nov @ 10am

8th November 2017

Melanie Harper

The Circular Economy

A Circular Economy is, in its most basic form, a movement away from the linear system we currently use for material consumption. It is well known that there is only a finite quantity of materials present on the planet, and by consistently extracting resources to be used and then discarded through non-regenerative means (such as landfill) we will eventually run out. In a Circular Economy, businesses, governments and consumers alike, look to minimise both the Inputs (new material extracted) and outputs (waste to landfill/greenhouse gas emissions) and keep material moving through a system designed to maximise its value and usage.


The Circular Economy: Cradle to Cradle - Free Webinar

Thursday 16 November at 10:00am

Join our free Circular Economy webinar in November. This webinar aims to bring you a full update on the circular economy. Our Circular Economy experts will bring you expert advice and discussions on environmental compliance and the circular economy.

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