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Germany WEEE & Batteries Regulatory Update

4th June 2018

Cherry Whittaker

WEEE 'Open Scope' in Germany will come into force on 15 August 2018 affecting companies selling electrical products into Germany. In addition, there are proposed changes to the Batteries Regulations in Germany; these are yet to be confirmed

WEEE 'Open Scope' in Germany

Firstly, businesses currently selling products with electrical functions into Germany may become obligated under the German WEEE Regulations who were not previously, due to expansion of the product scope. Businesses selling furniture and clothing with electrical components are two such examples.

'Open Scope' comes into force on 15 August 2018, whereas in the UK and other European countries it is not due to be implemented until January 2019. 

To help you determine which category the electrical products you sell into Germany will fall into, view a category decision tree HERE.

Current WEEE producers who already comply with the German Regulations will need to register any additional products that are now in scope prior to 15 August. Companies who are becoming obligated for the first time will also need to register before this date.

Comply Direct have a dedicated international compliance team who can help with this, to ensure that obligated companies are compliant in Germany by handling the registration with the relevant authority and ensuring the correct data is submitted on time going forward. Read more about our international compliance service HERE.

Proposed changes to the Batteries Regulations in Germany

Due to structural implementation deficits within the Germany ​​Waste Battery Act, there are now proposed amendments to the law in order to address these issues, which the legislator is considering. The key areas of potential change are as follows:

  • Establishment of a central governing body for the registration of manufacturers and registration of the quantities to be marketed and redeemed
  • Future obligation for all manufacturers to meet their take-back obligations of so-called manufacturer-specific take-back systems

These amendments will help to achieve equality for manufacturers. Currently, the amendments have not been confirmed and there isn't anything that Batteries Producers obligated in Germany need to do. We will communicate to our members as relevant and through a news story on our website as and when we have further information regarding these law changes.