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Green Office Week - Find out how to become a greener business today!

9th May 2016

Melanie Harper

Green Office Week aims to encourage workers across the UK to make small changes to their working habits to positively impact the environment.

Green Office Week runs from the 18 - 22 April. The purpose of the week is to raise awareness of key green issues, providing office workers with the practical advice, tools and help they need to create a more sustainable way of working.

At Comply Direct, we're always keen to assist businesses in becoming greener, so this Green Office Week, we've put together a list of simple but effective steps you can make to help you reach your goals.

Recycling at Work

  • Provide recycling bins in common areas clearly labelled with what you can dispose

  • Take away general rubbish bins from underneath employees desks

  • Allocate a Recycling Champion responsible for motivating colleagues and ensuring all recycling initiatives are being monitored

  • Print posters and place them around the offices, in the kitchen and by the bins reminding people to recycle

  • Re-use scrap paper when printing

  • Where possible use email, set your PC to print double-sided and refill printer, fax and photocopier cartridges

Simple Steps for Saving Energy

While you're at it, you may as well look at saving energy too. Implementing these simple but effective steps will help you to reach your sustainability goals and could save you some money along the way, too!

  • Turn off your office equipment when it is not being used

  • Cut lighting costs by up to 15% by turning off lights in empty rooms and replacing light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs

  • Make sure all dripping taps are fixed, something small like this can cost a business up to £400 a year

  • Turning the thermostat down by 1 degree can save 8% on your company heating bill

  • Invest in energy efficient equipment to reduce your energy and water costs, interest-free energy efficiency loans are available from the Carbon Trust

  • Assign Energy Champions to help encourage all staff to take it seriously and reduce energy consumption wherever they can

  • Look at your existing equipment, can it be made more energy efficient without having to completely replace it?

  • Ensure that equipment is well-maintained, which will keep it more energy efficient as well as prolonging its life

  • Could you improve your business travel costs to generate cost reductions? Are all journeys necessary? Could some face-to-face meetings be held using telephone or video conferencing instead?


Need help with reaching your sustainability goals?


We're always here to help - if you are a business with commercial recyclable waste Comply Direct can provide you with an solution that is both sustainable and economical.

By matching your recyclable waste to our network of reprocessors in the UK, Europe and the Far East we can obtain the best market prices and ensure a sustainable waste solution for your business.

Our policy of constant market review means our prices are always competitive and our services are value for money. We can also arrange collection anywhere in the UK and at a time to suit you. 

We can assist with many types of waste - from Paper & Cardboard, to Food, Electrical and Hazardous Waste & Batteries. Click here for more information on what we can handle.

You can find more details on our waste and recycling services here.


We also offer a range of Sustainability services including Sustainability Consultancy and Energy Procurement.

Energy Procurement

Comply Direct can provide a transparent and flexible energy procurement service for businesses of any size resulting in cost-saving opportunities


Like Comply Direct, you can become ISO 14001 accredited. This standard helps businesses prove to customers, suppliers, stakeholders and partners that they recognise the importance of environmental protection. Comply Direct can help businesses to achieve the ISO 14001 accreditation. Click here for more information.

Training packages

We can also provide training tailored to the needs of your business. If you're looking to implement an environmental policy, but you need our help to get spread the message across your business then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Find out more about our Training Packages here.

Whether you require assistance with becoming a greener business, or would just like a chat about the steps you can take, we're always happy to help. Get in touch with one of our experts today.