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International Packaging Update: Green dot no longer mandatory in France

19th April 2017

Melanie Harper

Companies who have packaging obligations in France have, since the start of the year, seen changes in the use of the Green Dot symbol. Previously, a requirement on all household packaging, the Green Dot symbol is now optional. This gives the opportunity for packaging producers to choose whether or not they want to label their packaging with this symbol or not. The result of not using the Green Dot symbol on packaging means that it is possible means that it is possible to avoid having to pay for a licence in France. However, removal of the symbol from packaging may not be preferrable for companies which sell into multiple EU countries, as this would result in the use of different packaging formats for different countries. If a packaging producer sells into multiple EU countries, uses the Green Dot symbol on their packaging and wants to use one packaging format for all countries, nothing will change as they will still be allowed to use the symbol in France.

A company already registered under the packaging regulations in France will be able to run down their stock of packaging which displays the Green Dot symbol with no restrictions. In all other cases, companies have until October to use up Green Dot marked packaging. Any producer placing household packaging on the French market is required to register under the packaging regulations in France. The changes to the use of the Green Dot symbol will be reflected in the compliance scheme contracts.

If you think you may be obligated for packaging compliance in France, please get in touch with one of our international compliance team via our contact form.

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