Ireland introduce penalties to combat non-compliance with WEEE & Batteries Regs

5th October 2018

Cherry Whittaker

Fixed Penalty Notices (also known as FPNs) will now be used by The Environmental Protection (EPA) in Ireland to tackle the issue of obligated producers who are non-compliant with the WEEE and Battery & Accumulator Regulations

Putting FPNs into place will enable the EPA to easier target non-compliant producers and the aim is to achieve a fairer competitive environment, whilst also facilitating a quicker and more efficient method of enforcement of the WEEE and Battery Regulations, without the requirement to take non-compliant companies to Court. 

FPNs are essentially spot fines which work in the same way as those issued for motoring offences. 

Non-compliance under the WEEE and Battery & Accumulator Regulations in Ireland for which Fixed Penalty Notices can be given, specifically include the following (as defined in the Environment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act):

  • Failure to register with The Producer Register Ltd (€2,000)
  • The display of a registration number on an invoice, credit note or website by a producer who is not validly registered (€1,000)
  • Failure, by a distance seller, to display a valid producer registration number on a website (€500)
  • Failure by a producer to meet obligations to report to the WEEE Blackbox (€500)
  • Failure by a producer of batteries who is selling by distance communication to appropriately display certain information at each point where batteries are being distributed (including on websites, catalogues, web-shots or brochures take-back of waste batteries) on take-back of waste batteries (€500)

 The Environmental Protection Agency expect to start issuing the aforementioned Fixed Penalty Notices from Autumn 2018.

*Please note - the above applies to the Republic of Ireland only. 

If your organisation exports electrical products, batteries or products containing batteries to Ireland, or if your business has a presence in Ireland and sells these product types, then you may have an obligation under the WEEE and Battery & Accumulator Regulations in the country. Comply Direct operate an international compliance service and have a dedicated team ready to help any business that may need to comply with environmental legislation overseas for packaging, WEEE and batteries.

If you think your company might be affected by these WEEE and Batteries Regulations, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our expert international compliance team for more information and to attain advice regarding the steps you need to take to ensure compliance and avoid fines. Get in touch by calling 01756 794 951 or by emailing