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New EEE scope guidance published by Environment Agency

29th October 2018

Cherry Whittaker

The Environment Agency has now published the new, finalised EEE scope guidance incorporating Open Scope and an additional definition of non-electrical accessories

You can access the newly published EEE scope guidance by clicking HERE.

WEEE Open Scope
As previously communicated, ‘Open Scope’ means a change to the legislation to make all electrical items in scope of the regulations from 2019 if they meet the published criteria and are not covered by a specific exemption. All WEEE producers will need to review the products they declare under the regulations to ensure they remain compliant in 2019.

The UK is keeping the current 14 EEE categories and from 2019, although fitting into one of the 14 categories will no longer be used as a determiner for whether an electrical item is in scope or not, electrical products will still have to be placed in the category of closest relevance for reporting purposes. You can access a list of the products coming into scope for the first time from 2019 and which category they should be declared under HERE 

With regards to B2C recycling fees, for WEEE producers placing over 5 tonnes of B2C EEE products coming into scope from 2019, they will not have to begin financing the recycling of these items until 2020. 

Non-electrical accessories 
These product elements which are not required for the product to function as described (eg. plastic jug supplied with an iron) can now be excluded from the weight of EEE placed on the market. More examples are provided in the new scope guidance linked above. Therefore, WEEE producers should minus the weight of non-electrical accessories from their EEE data from the start of 2018 onwards.  

If you have any questions regarding WEEE Open Scope, products that you think may come into scope for the first time from 2019, or need assistance determining which of your product accessories are classed as non-electrical, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the WEEE team on 01756 794 951 or weee@complydirect.com