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New intelligent lighting system to deliver cost savings to Clapham Junction

3rd September 2013

Clapham JunctionThe UK’s busiest train station will reduce its energy consumption by 35% with a new intelligent lighting control system. Lights throughout Clapham Junction will automatically dim down when the station is not in operation and will switch off entirely when closed. The LiGO lighting system, installed by Open Technology, is an innovative lighting efficiency system which measures passenger volume, levels of daylight and other variables by the train timetable to reduce lighting pollution, energy use and Southwest Trains, Network Alliance operating costs. Annual savings of £7m-£12m have been projected over a payback period of six years and the intelligent lighting system is also in operation or being installed across 25 stations and maintenance facilities along the Wessex Route. This is just the latest case study in a series of large name companies and public sector institutions improving their energy efficiency through the modernisation and installation of intelligent or innovative lighting solutions. Traditional lighting can be a money pit for many businesses who have not updated to the latest energy efficient methods and can be a crucial change for energy or carbon reduction strategies. Lighting control systems and LED lights are the most efficient and cost effective method of managing energy use and reducing costs. Comply Direct offer a lighting consultancy service where we can assess your premises and advise on the most cost effective energy saving options to suit you. All intelligent and LED lighting solutions will bring guaranteed cost savings over a period of time after the initial investment.   To enquire about a consultation or for more information about energy efficient lighting solutions from Comply Direct email, energy@complydirect.com or call 0844 873 1034.