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New services - Demand Response & Energy Procurement

11th October 2016

Melanie Harper

Comply Direct are dedicated to saving our members money and the launch of our new sustainability services is no different. Improve your energy management strategy and make key savings as we bring you Energy Procurement and the Demand Response Programme.

Demand Response

What is it?

This is your opportunity to be part of the future UK smart grid. Demand Response means you are able to turn down or turn off your energy when the grid needs it the most. The programme helps compensate for large demand and reduce industrial load.

Why is demand response important?

The capacity market, the biggest reform in the UK's energy policy in over 20 years, was set up to create a mechanism to provide electricity generating capacity to replace old, polluting power reaching end of life with new lower carbon ones, which is where Demand Response and Comply Direct can help. The British Government's focus is on replacing UK's coal fired power station capacity that makes up a quarter of all UK electricity generation. This will have been shut down by 2020 due to EU requirements.

So how does it work?

Comply Direct will assess all your electricity plant against your half hourly electricity data. We will compare day use against night time usage and agree the equipment we can comfortably turn down and items to be switched off without causing interruption. Your business must be able to reduce consumption from grid during a time of system stress and when the grid needs the energy the most. Demand can occur when there is unusually large UK energy demand.

What are the daily operations for my business with the Demand Response Programme?

The process of bringing Demand Response to your business is quite simple. Once Comply Direct have determined where energy can be saved, a process will be put in place:

  • Your system is automated and an electronic message will go to the building management system or power information pod and seconds later, the equipment agreed is turned off.
  • Events occur no more than 15 times per year and never more than 30 minutes.

What are the benefits to my business?

  • No cost
  • Risks held by Comply Direct
  • Significant annual income stream as you turn off your energy when the grid needs it the most.
  • No interruptions
  • Second by second monitoring
  • Better understanding of key energy consumption

How do we get started?

Send us your latest 12 months of half hourly data for your site and then we can arrange a free, no obligation brief site audit to conclude where savings can be made.

If you are interested in the Demand Response Programme or would like further information, please get in touch today with our energy team on 0844 873 1034 or click here.

Energy Procurement

What is it?

Our energy consultancy service offers you unlimited basket options to meet your requirements including renewable energy contracts and fully flexible purchasing. Our transparency consultancy approach ensures you pay a flat commission fee for the energy supplied per kWh. We negotiate the best tariffs and suppliers for you, only going ahead once you are happy to proceed.

What are the benefits for my business?

  • Unlimited basket options
  • Market expertise and an experienced account manager
  • Join an energy purchasing basket, with the potential to deliver a 5-10% saving in a fixed price offering if your meter is half hourly
  • Unlike many brokers and consultants, flat commission fees by Comply Direct mean you know precisely how much we receive in commission for energy supplied to you

What do i need to do now if I am interested?

Complete the contact us form and provide us with a recent bill for each meter, a letter of authority, a copy of your latest energy invoice and a contract end date.

What are the next stages after this?

  • Comply Direct conduct strategic analysis of energy data with market status review
  • Comply Direct present no obligation recommendations and only proceed once full approval is given
  • Secure contract and automatically becoming a member of our energy procurement group, providing best account management support and assistance

If you would like to discuss our offering further or for more information about Energy Procurement, or you wish to receive a quote on your energy, please get in touch today with our energy team on 0844 873 1034 or click here.

Our Sustainability Services

We can offer ESOS compliance support, Energy & Carbon Management, ISO 14001, CRC support, Energy Procurement and much more to assist your business with your green agenda...