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new weee regulations 2013 now in force

3rd January 2014

The amended regulations for the UK WEEE system as a result of the 2012 EU WEEE Recast Directive are now in effect across the UK and will from January 2014 onwards, reduce the cost of compliance with the WEEE Regulations for many WEEE Small Producers. The UK parliament formally approved the changes to the UK WEEE system, 11th of December 2013, which include a new de-minimis threshold where producers who place less than 5 tonnes of EEE onto the UK market per year will be termed a ‘small producer’ and will henceforth have more options available to them to ensure compliance while reducing costs.

Click here for a more comprehensive list of the changes to the WEEE producer system in the UK.

So, what does being a WEEE small producer actually mean?

Using the example of one of Comply Direct’s trusted members we can demonstrate how the new regulations affect WEEE producers who place less than 5 tonnes of EEE onto the UK market in a compliance year.

HC Slingsby Plc of Shipley in West Yorkshire have been a WEEE compliance scheme member with Comply Direct since 2011. The industrial and commercial equipment supplier, have placed under 5 tonnes of EEE on the market in 2013.

This would mean that HC Slingsby Plc would, for 2014, qualify as a WEEE small producer and now have access to two compliance options:

1) direct registration with the Environment Agency for a £30 fee, and

2) continuation as a member of the Comply Direct WEEE compliance scheme at a saving of £748.86, including EA fee, on the previous year with access to continued WEEE collections services and the full data submission and account management services.

It is important for newly termed WEEE small producers to weigh up the pros and cons of direct registration vs scheme registration.

While the Environment Agency direct registration option is only a one off £30 it is unlikely the registrant will receive the level of support they would if registered with a scheme.

The Environment Agency will provide no access to data management or waste collection and treatment services and will expect direct registrants to undertake all tasks of compliance themselves with the producer being 100% responsible for any non-compliance, including: product mark-ups, collection and treatment funding and WEEE category declarations.

Compliance schemes such as Comply Direct will charge a small compliance scheme membership fee on top of the Environment Agency £30 fee but will guarantee value for money by in many cases continuing to take on the legal obligation under the regulations, saving WEEE small producers on time and resource by providing access to recycling, collection and treatment facilities for those with the necessary obligation as well as supporting with a simple, online and hassle free data submission process.

For more information on the WEEE Regulations 2013 and how the amendments may affect your compliance please get in touch to speak to one of Comply Direct's WEEE experts.