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new weee regulations – comply direct make it simple for small companies

18th December 2013

Skipton based compliance scheme, Comply Direct Ltd, announce new approach to support Small WEEE Producers in line with the new WEEE Regulations.

The government formally approved and published the new Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013 on the 10th December 2013. Effective from the 1st January 2014 WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS) Comply Direct Ltd will now offer a service tailored specifically to WEEE Small Producers as a part of its government approved WEEE Compliance Scheme.

The 2013 amendments introduce (amongst other changes and additions) a new de-minimis threshold to the Regulations which now classify any WEEE producer placing less than 5 tonnes of EEE on the UK market in the previous year as a Small Producer. WEEE Small Producers now have the option of registering as a Small Producer of WEEE direct with the relevant Environment Agency or via a government approved PCS such as Comply Direct.

Either registration option attracts the new 2014 reduced EA registration fee of just £30 per Small Producer. The deadline for registering Small Producers with the EA for the 2014 Compliance Year is the 31st Jan 2014 regardless of the option they choose.

Gareth Roberts, Managing Director of Comply Direct said: “We are delighted that the changes to the WEEE Regulations allow us to advance the expectations of WEEE Small Producers by offering continued membership of our scheme to existing members who fall under the de-minimis threshold while also enabling any WEEE Small Producer to take advantage of the reduced Agency registration fee of £30.”

“The outcome of correspondence with our 2013 WEEE members has helped us to understand that members who will be WEEE Small Producers from January 2014 have mostly expressed a strong desire to continue as scheme members with Comply Direct, and this gives us great satisfaction. We have been very clear with members regarding their new options for 2014 registration and have been thanked in return for our transparency.”

“Our Small Producer fees for 2014 offer excellent value for money as members will continue to benefit from most of the services of the Comply Direct WEEE Compliance Scheme membership. Alternatively, we can also register Small Producers directly with the relevant Agency for a small fee, removing the hassle and helping WEEE producers find a better way.”

For more information about the WEEE Regulations 2013 and how they affect UK WEEE producers (small or large) from 1st January 2014 or about Comply Direct’s WEEE Small Producer service please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Comply Direct Ltd

Comply Direct is a well-established government approved producer responsibility compliance scheme that takes on the legal obligation of UK companies who are obligated under various environmental legislation such as The UK WEEE Regulations and The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations. Comply Direct specialise in hassle free and cost effective compliance services for companies obligated under producer responsibility legislation related to Packaging, WEEE and Batteries. With over 800 members Comply Direct are one of the leading UK service providers for environmental compliance and consultancy. Comply Direct offer services for data gathering support, batteries compliance services, carbon footprinting, carbon offsetting, energy procurement and bill validation, energy efficiency audits and zero waste to landfill services and outsourced consultancy services.