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14th May 2014

UK government approved WEEE Producer Compliance Schemes Comply Direct and WEEEComply have joined forces with CCR REBAT to meet their members' battery compliance obligations. The two WEEE schemes are both delighted to have agreed partnership arrangements with CCR REBAT that they feel will ensure a cost effective, secure and value added batteries compliance solution is delivered. With the deadline for large obligated portable batteries producers needing to register with an approved batteries compliance scheme (BCS) being the 15th October 2009 getting ever closer it was imperative that such a solution was put in place sooner rather than later.

Managing Director of Comply Direct, Gareth Roberts, commented, "We're delighted to have reached an agreement with CCR REBAT to meet the batteries compliance obligations of our membership base. We feel that CCR REBAT was always a clear candidate to be our partner of the potential schemes that had applied for approval. CCR REBAT have considerable past experience of handling waste batteries across Europe and already have an excellent proven logistics and treatment networks in place.”

The MD of WEEEComply, Andrew Francis, commented, "I am very pleased to have reached this agreement on behalf of WEEEComply members. After looking closely at all of the prospective battery schemes I firmly believe that CCR REBAT offers the best solution for WEEEComply members to comply with these new and challenging regulations.”

CCR REBAT has been flexible in their approach to working alongside both Comply Direct and WEEEComply to ensure that the schemes remain the point of contact for their members on the batteries front. This approach will keep the administrative burden to a minimum for scheme members yet will deliver them a dependable and cost effective batteries compliance solution.

The MD of CCR UK Ltd, Stephan Matz, says, "We are very delighted to be selected to provide an outstanding, cost effective and transparent service to the customers of Comply Direct and WEEE Comply. CCR REBAT belongs with over 60,000 tonnages of collected and treated waste batteries in 13 countries of the EU to the largest battery take back systems in Europe."

The logistics of CCR REBAT is already established. One of the main challenges will be the limited capacity at the treatment facilities in the EU. There is no recycling plant for portable batteries in the UK. But CCR REBAT does have the access to the recyclers across Europe which warrants a stable and safe service to Comply Direct's and WEEE Comply's customers.

In addition to that, CCR REBAT is successfully running approved Battery Compliance Schemes (BCS) in Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Austria and it is currently applying to become a BCS in Spain, Romania and Bulgaria apart from the UK. Up to now, more than 100 employers have joined CCR REBAT in different countries. "We invite all battery producers to contact us. Our customers will get any support and service in order to comply with the Batteries Regulations. That's our core business.”

The Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009 have been introduced to reduce amount of waste batteries that currently end up in UK landfill sites each year. They establish a legal framework and schemes for collecting, treating and recycling portable, industrial and vehicle batteries.

The regulations apply to all types of batteries except when used for military and space equipment. The recycling targets are challenging yet achievable requiring that 25 per cent of portable batteries are recycled by 2012, rising to 45 per cent by 2016.

Important points regarding batteries compliance:

  • Producers are defined as companies that put batteries, or equipment containing batteries, on the market for the first time in the UK.
  • Producers that place more than 1 tonne of portable batteries on the market per year are required to join an approved compliance scheme by the 15th Oct 2009.
  • From January 1st 2010, producers that place more than 1 tonne of batteries on the market will be obligated to finance the recycling of 10% of those batteries in 2010.
  • Companies that provide batteries on a professional basis to an end user will be known as distributors and will have obligations to take back waste portable batteries in stores that sell more than 32kg of batteries per year.
  • Distributor obligations start from 1st February 2010.

If you've got any questions regarding the batteries regulations please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Comply Direct team.