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Our annual sporting charity challenge - Tough Mudder!

22nd June 2017

Melanie Harper

The Comply Direct team are going to be tackling the gruelling Tough Mudder, at our fabulous Broughton Hall Estate

On July 29 2017, the Comply Direct team will venture into the unknown when they take on the challenging Tough Mudder race. As it is being held at the Broughton Hall Estate and given this beautiful setting is the home of Comply Direct, the team felt it was a challenge that had to be faced.

Every year, as part of Comply Direct’s ongoing values and commitment, we work with charities to raise money as well as their fantastic profiles.  We take our social responsibility very seriously and the annual sporting challenge is just one of many fundraising activities that take place every year.

We are proud to be supporting two very special charities that are very close to the hearts of two Comply Direct employees; Overgate Hospice & The Sick Children’s Trust. Overgate Hospice aims to provide high-quality care for each individual as a whole person and to give them the best possible quality of life as well as provide support for the patient's family. The Sick Children's Trust believes keeping families together significantly improves the recovery of seriously ill children. They provide free, high-quality ‘Home from Home’ accommodation, as well as emotional and practical support, to families with sick children in hospital in the UK.

To read about Overgate Hospice, please click here

To read about the Sick Children’s Trust, please click here


 The Comply Direct team prepares!


This grueling 12 mile mud and obstacle course featuring 20 fear-inducing obstacles will be a test of mental grit, strength and stamina, taking us as far out of our comfort zone as is imaginable with teamwork being taken to a whole new level! Managing Director Gareth Roberts comments:

We have an excellent track record of raising money each year for many charities and I’m confident the big challenge that Tough Mudder represents will help raise funds for our chosen charities. The team are focused on their fitness and our new company wellbeing programme is also proving very popular and beneficial too. If anyone or any companies can spare some monies for the charities we will be absolutely delighted as will the charities. Thank you”

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