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Q1 Verified Packaging Recycling Data Released

16th May 2018

Ash Clay

The Environment Agency has now released the final verified figures for UK recycling in Q1 and also confirmed the UK’s total obligation now that most of the country’s registered packaging producers will have completed their data submissions

Figure 1. UK Obligation Table for 2018’s first release and close of 2017

Figure 1 shows the starting point for the UK’s overall obligation in 2018 against the end of 2017. Significant changes to obligation will largely be caused by recycling targets set by the Government every year for each material, which can be seen in materials such as Wood, showing significant obligation increases already due to a large increase in recycling target. For now, the 2018 obligation is just a starting point as this will grow throughout the year as late registrants steadily complete their registrations and producers who become obligated throughout the year begin to register and submit data.

Currently, 7015 producers are registered (6617 full producer, 398 small producer) in the UK for 2018, compared to the end of last year where 7430 producers were registered (7002 full producer, 428 small producers). This shows that there is still a significant number of producers yet to register, confirming the 2018 UK obligation will continue to increase and surpass 2017.

We had initially analysed the unverified recycling data for Q1 2018 in our news story here and the verified release of this data showed little change. Figure 2 below illustrates the updated progress of each material at the quarter year mark and how they are performing against their recycling target.

Figure 2. Q1 verified recycling progress with and without carry in from 2017 included

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